Mr. Poetry Miss. Poem

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Submitted: April 23, 2018

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Submitted: April 23, 2018



Mr. Poetry and Miss. Poem


Such a beautiful narrative to convey

Uplifting words at the moment we just can’t say

When we are feeling down and out

A detour through life or traveling a different route

The great times we thought, some have forgot

A poem to tell you, when declaring love is a long shot

Thank you and how do you do

Verses I give you when you’re feeling down and blue

No chicken soup, but a Get Well poem for you

My romantic partner is Mr. Poetry as you can see

An appointee to the heart, the real key

We say as we please

Words given in laughter to tease

Written narratives to caress as a soft gentle breeze

To thaw the heart during an emotional deep freeze

I take over when Miss. Poem has failed

Promises to enlighten you when your emotions have sailed

What do you mean, when Miss. Poem has failed

I am the master of the words to make you inhale and exhale

Rhymes in poetic details

Sunken emotions after reading me will be prevailed

For you Mr. Poetry, what’s your story

Well since you asked I am the hidden words behind your daily glory

When your rhymes are no longer mandatory

My lines are allegory

It’s up to me

For you to see

The beauty in everything

From A to Z

As a poem I could do without you

Without Miss. Poem you do not have clue

As Mr. Poetry, I could stand in front of a microphone and read my pedigree

Bringing the crowds to their knees

During open mic my words are winning

When the versus of Mr. Poetry are spinning

Yeah, but with Miss. Poem, chocolates, and wine is usually thrown in it

We are an item through and through

Your Poems and my Poetry I am sure people feel our grove

Our emotions as we push our words

We’re like a handsome Blue Jay and a sexy Red Cardinal bird

Who could stop us

Someone who does not know the meaning of love

Or just use explicit words to fuss

No expressive reactions to discuss

Miss. Poem, what are you doing tonight

Kemy is borrowing my lines for her readers as she writes

She’s giving them a piece of Miss. Poem and Mr. Poetry’s birthright

Then I’ll see you sexy, come the next time around

Or, on a written narrative rebound

Hopefully, for Mr. Poetry

You will find me downtown

My words read from a man, to a gorgeous dame in a flimsy nightgown

In yours dreams

Don’t get jealous, remember we’re a team

Where you can’t, Mr. Poetry will

Then a goodbye kiss handsome to seal this unified deal


Taken from The Flow Of My Heart To You Book II



© Copyright 2019 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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