A Hero's Adventure

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A child goes on an adventure in order to avenge his father, who was slain by the Dragon.

Submitted: April 23, 2018

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Submitted: April 23, 2018



I’m finally ten years old. I can become an explorer!

The young boy’s father had been a great explorer, until he was killed by the Dragon. The boy, impatient to avenge his father, began to train to become an explorer at a young age. Now, at a legal age to explore, he could begin his search for the dragon.

Also, he wanted to share his older sister’s burden of trying to support their sick mother.

After registering at the local inn, he picked up his basic equipment: a short sword and a tattered leather jacket.

Not too shabby, considering how I just started.
He hurriedly ran to the outskirts of town and began to look for a monster. What he wanted was a goblin, the weakest of all monsters. But to him at the moment, anything was fine. He felt like he could take on anything.

After hours of searching, however, he was unable to find anything. Disappointed, he returned home for the night. He showed off his new adventurer’s ID and equipment to his sister and mother before heading off to bed.

The next morning, he again headed off to look for a monster.

This time, I will find something!

He found nothing that morning, and it soon became midday. Exhausted and hungry after searching for so long, he debated whether he should stay longer or not.

Wait, I hear something.

He hid behind a bush and looked over. It was a lone goblin drinking from the creek. It was his first time seeing one. Its green skin was covered in scars. One of its tusks was broken.

My lucky day!

Slowly, he sneaked up on the goblin. With all his strength, he jabbed the sword into the goblin’s back.

I got him!

The goblin turned around surprised and angry. The boy jumped for joy thinking that the goblin would soon die.

He did not see that his tiny sword barely pierced the thick muscles of the goblin.

The goblin lifted his club and swung at the boy.

How did you like tha- Oof!

The club broke several ribs on impact, making a cracking noise. The boy was flung away like a ragdoll.

The pain knocked the boy unconscious.

The goblin threw the boy’s sword in the creek and picked up the boy. He then began to walk back to his den.


Two veteran explorers wiped off the blood from the goblin they had just slain in one strike. They then walked into the goblin’s den to see what loot he had stored.

They found a few gold coins, tattered clothing, and a child’s skeleton.

They took the gold coins and walked away.


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