who is she ?!!

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i just hope that u like it

  Who is she ! ! ?

NO-one knew where she came from or who is she , all what they know just what she said the day she arrived , "i’m looking for a peaceful place to stay , i’m tired .. please , i don’t seek for any problemes " she said . also she said " for letting me staying i’ll improve this village " , so ,the old man that time allowed her stay with one condition , she remain at the jungel and if she do any probleme or she bother any-one, she need to get out of here ......

this talking was 100 years ago , the strange thing is they said she doesn’t changed from first day she arrived , also they don’t stop talking about her beauty and how she looks like ... .

i never seen this girl , i just heard about her , now she live alone in the jungle , and they Don’t let
anyone approach the forest , ... it is very sad , i don’t know why it’s forbeeden to see her . and i think that she is a good girl ...

one day i was with my friend outside like always ,and we started talking ... Before we knew the time had been delayed ,so, i decide to go house. i searched for a Shortcut road . but there is none , so i decide to go acroosed the jungle , this is the only sthing i can think about it . i know that i wannajust a raison to go there .

after a while in jungle i started thinking that i lost the way , i never been here and it was darknes ...where i’m there i felt like someone is looking at me , i was afraid , So i started running , just run ,
and this feeling did’nt leave me alone , i didn’t stop run until i saw her , there she is , a gorgeous girl washing her long golden hair in the river , in that moment my brain quit thinking , it was something , i can’t express , after that i wasn’t afraid anymore , that view maked me calm , i geted closer to her without knowing , her beauty was real like an falling angel , u will never see someone like that , just keeped looking at her , how is that even possible , someone with that perfection...

But she notice me , and she get scared from me , she start behaive like a little girl , crying ,yells, i don’t know what happened with her , i try to calm her but i can’t , all what i could say is : i’m sorry .... and while i decided to trying to look for an exit , she didn’t let me go , .. she holded my hands m just to stay with her... i don’t know why ! ! ? , she acted like an 05 years girl old and she look’s like an 25 old ,...

i thinked ( what the .. ) i will stay with her and i will say i was with my friend ... i spent that night
there with her , where the morning it come i will leave it , we didn’t talked , after this in the morning
i promised the girl that i will come back , i didn’t have a choice ... or she wouldn’t let me go.
There is a lot of things i don’t know it about her , like : why she stayed this long time here alone , why she behaive like that , why she look very sad , why her looking didn’t change ....

a lot of questions in my mind ... the only thing i know is that i wanna keep my promise to this girl , because i wanna know more about her.

There is one problem : if anyone knew that i see her they will kick her out , and maybe my family
also because they will considered it like broken of laws, so this should be my secret ..

Next time...

Submitted: April 23, 2018

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