Tide Of War

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Who shall we wish to emerge the victor? Poseidon's trident or Hephaestus' tongs?

Submitted: April 23, 2018

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Submitted: April 23, 2018




A mighty force has risen

Swelling to meet the sky

An army has descended

Their arms trained on the maelstrom beneath them


The tide of war has come to a head

Fear the destruction to ensue

A torrent of warriors floods the land

A swelling formation of soldiers darkens the skies


There is no escaping their savage quarrel

We have borne witness to the rising conflict

We are victims of the flood of battle

Scarcely made away with our lives


Our well-being remains in great peril

A tidal force crashes against heavenly might

Who shall we wish to see emerge the victor?

Poseidon’s trident or Hephaestus’ tongs?


For we are frightened and drowning sea rats

The teeth of the lions’ jaws too near our tails

Who should see us through the army of titans as they clash and battle?

Who should seek to carry us to safe harbour?


For we are mites amidst mighty warriors

Who minds the ants when the horses stampede?

Who are we to them but dust?

They the foundations that have seen our world rise


Have at thee, ye mighty players!

Those who know better in their infinity

Raise your shields and swing your swords

Mount your steeds and ride fierce

Know you war for a place atop the sacred mount!


I shall not follow

I shall not watch

I shall cower and fear

For I am a man

I am a rat

I am an ant

And you are the lions’ jaws


Praise finds its way to the gods

Man be left with their contempt

© Copyright 2018 Jeff Bezaire. All rights reserved.

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