An Anthology of Rot!

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*Warning* This books contains a lot of rubbish!! Another restless night so I fired off a couple of random poems an eclectic mix of alliteration,free verse,one unfinished blank verse piece and I
believe that’s it. So I do apologise in advance for the hideousness of this.

Submitted: April 23, 2018

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Submitted: April 23, 2018



Unifished piece......

Jealousy, I thought you had let me be.

However, I find you now sweeping through

My body like a terrifying tempest,

My heart now void of love yet filled with hate

Pumps it’s flaming contents through my troubled form.

Searing from my eyes, under furrowed brows.

Meeting greeting and leaving all those they meet,

Poisonous words escape my lips

Although not meant, they burn not just a few

Others, they torture my mind late in the night 

Images in my head......


I am the hunchback in the Park

I am the hunchback in the park.

Though I have no brutish bells, birds or boys

To break my solitary night

I have my pencils and papers

To light up the lonesome dark.


Alliteration #1 

The wild winds howl, outside my window

In the distance a mist covered mountain slices the moon

And as I sleep softly, I dream solely of 

Your caramel curves and the way I would caress them,

Your bare brown shoulders shining in the moonlight, your breasts

Silhouetted against the sky and your smile

Twinkling in the twilight, but I awaken only to

The long loud night, and my lonely bed.



As I write

In this dead twilight

A bottle of wine by my bedside light,

I can’t help but think, what a load of shite..

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