Home Sweet Home (Pt. One)

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Book / Fantasy

Knight-Guard Gunnar once valiantly served his Kingdom. His record dotted with medals and honors, but now? He leads a group of men who call themselves the Felhammer of Apacaea. Numbering near a hundred strong at most times, its a formidable group of highly skilled soldiers, led by one of the best warriors in Erefell.


Book / Fantasy

Arryn Daerieth, Lord Daerieth to most, a master swordsman, a skilled mage. Will he be able to handle the challenges presented in the road ahead? Attempts on his life? Crayeanad will have many dangers in wait for him.

Osiris Initiative: Winter's Plague

Book / Science Fiction

In 2497, ninety genetically and cybernetically enhanced super-soldiers were placed in cryostasis as part of the Osiris Initiative. This Initiative was in preparation of what would come to be a near extinction level event. This story follows three of those ninety. Kyle, Jane, and Gunther.

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Tickle My Funny Bone Comedy Writing Contest 2018

Other Content by T. E. Jackson

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