The Message From A Spaceman

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

One day, Nick was telepathically led to meet this man from the outer space. There from him he learns significant messages that will change his life dramatically..

Submitted: April 23, 2018

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Submitted: April 23, 2018



It was another gloomy day for Nick. Looking out the window in his room, he was thinking about many things. But mostly, his head was filled with negative emotions about himself, with his future hopeless and unclear. Nick had just turned 20 years old and had been jobless ever since finishing high school. As a child, he had often been told naïve or stupid and bullied and taken advantage of by those kids who were smart. He had a friend or two who he can talk with but ever since his childhood, he had maintained a very socially isolated life. In fact, he didn’t have much desire to connect with other people. They seemed too alien to him. However, he did have some kind of yearning, deep inside his heart, to connect with someone who he can look up to, a person with intelligence, wisdom and all the good qualities that a human being could ask for.

He went for a long walk, as he did any other day. But this time he decided to walk farther away from home and get near the mountain where hardly there were any people to be seen and from where his home looked like the kind of small village in the picture book. The mountain has not yet been touched by people and there was no sign of artificially-made space by humans, not even a trail that leads up to the top of the mountain. Nick felt the strong urge to climb up to the top of the mountain. He didn’t know why. It was just an unusual day. He just felt that sensation and had to get there no matter what.

The mountain was fairly small and it had a flat area on the top. Although there wasn’t any man-made route that he could walk on to reach to the top, it was fairly easy for him to figure out the way through. The trees were bare with no leaves as it was midseason between fall and winter and was transitioning into winter which made his view clear all the way to the top.

When Nick reached the very top of the mountain, he saw a saucer-shaped silvery object in the sky slowly going down to the ground. As it was moving closer to him, he could get a better view of the object and was amazed as he had never seen such thing in his life before. The object was about 12 meters wide in diameter and about 5 meters high. He could tell it was a spaceship not made in this world. It landed about 100 feet away from where Nick was standing. Then, a gate opened and a ladder came out and landed onto the ground. There he saw a figure stepping down the ladder, first two legs, then waist, then shoulders and head in order. Nick didn’t back down but watched in amazement as he sensed positive energy from the being. As Nick walked closer to him, he could get a better view of him. The man was less than 5 feet tall with big black, almond shaped eyes and beard, and a long black hair down to his shoulder. He was wearing one piece suit which was made of silvery material. His forehead seemed to be larger than those of humans. Nick could sense that he was not a human kind. “I used telepathy to get you to come here. We have been watching you since your birth and were touched by your kind and warm heart”, the being told him.

After the brief encountering of the two the being guided Nick into his spaceship and Nick followed his directions as he was fearless. As Nick got inside, he was expecting to see those fancy controllers that he had seen in sci-fi movies. However, there was none of such things but all he could see was silvery metal interior all around him and an oval-shaped transparent glass through which he could see outside. When Nick asked the being how he navigated the spaceship, the being answered that he could navigate it through his mind and just a single thought could make the vehicle move through space in light years’ speed in a blink of an eye. Nick was fascinated and said,
“Why would you not make an announcement and share with the humans all these advanced technology you have? We will be better off”
“Once there was a civilization on earth before the mankind that was much more advanced in technology but they ended up destroying themselves because their spiritual level was not equivalent to their science level.” the being said. “They could do almost everything they wished physically and they thought they were God. We don’t want this to happen again. But we will share our technology when it’s not going to be used negatively, when human kind achieves higher spiritual development where they can coexist with advanced science.”
The being’s answer struck Nick’s head hard and it made him all the more reasons curious about what his identity is.
“Who are you by the way? Nick asked.
“I am one of the creators of the human kind”.
Nick froze, with no expressions on his face.
“I know what you are thinking. We created human kind through the genetic manipulations”.
Nick was shocked at his comment and started to blurt out questions.
“What is it like living on your planet? Is it different from living on earth?”
“We can manipulate everything through our minds and there is no such thing as language. For instance, our mere thought can create a music in the background, then the birds would sing and flowers would change its colors to each tune of the song. The grass in our planet are greener and flowers are seven times bigger and have finer colors and smells.”
“How do you communicate each other without language?”
“We telepathically communicate with each other. Imagine that you are living in a world with no language. There will be no other way to hide your intention from another person, therefore more genuine communication is possible. In our society, there is no negative human emotions such as jealousy and hatred but only love and compassions. We can see through each other and know exactly what each one of us is thinking. Language is a means created by humans to express their ego”.
Nick didn’t seem to quite grasp what he was saying, wondering if that could ever be possible to read each other’s mind through telepathy."
“Do you have work like we do here on earth?”
“No, all the labours are done by our biological robots. To help you better understand it, imagine a human being without a soul in it but is programed by computer, and this would be the case for human society too in near future when you have more progress in science. Humans are made to think and grow spiritually with fellow human beings. All the labours and brain working that you do at work will be replaced by robots”.
“where do our souls originate from if we are just the result of biological experiments?” Nick asked, and the being replied that every human’s soul has come from another planet or another place.
“What are we coming to earth for then?” Nick asked.
“For spiritual growth. To test yourselves”. The being replied. “The life on earth is very challenging, every one of you go through emotions such as fear, sadness, misery, hatred, guilt, jealousy which are alien to other planets. However, the greater challenge there is the greater growth one can achieve. Development comes from struggles and pain, then new entity is born like the transition from caterpillar to butterfly.”
“Why we don’t remember anything of where we come from as if earth life was the only thing that was given to us?”
“All the memories should be erased upon birth because if you knew the answers, it wouldn’t be a test.”
The being also advised,
“The greatest human emotion is to love somebody. Stop judging others and learn to love each other. Imagine yourself sitting on my seat in my spacecraft traveling through space and earth is coming into view. Imagine that little planet, that magnificent view. You would see no boundaries. You would have no limitations of knowing boundaries. Earth becomes your planet that you share with everyone else. You become one”.
"How can I love somebody when they're doing things that I don't like?", Nick wondered and asked.
"Put yourself in that person's shoe and imagine that you are seeing the world through his eyes, seeing what he sees and feeling his emotions. How can you judge him? He could be you! Once you understand he could be you, there will be nothing left but a compassion for him."
Nick was very impressed with the spaceman’s wisdom and decided to ask him for the one last time, of the question he could get no answer from anybody else.
“What happens when we die?”, Nick asked. “Is there such thing as heaven or hell?”
“When you die, it’s none other than yourself that decides where you go next. You will have a moment to look back on your life and all the major life episodes you had gone through will be shown before your eyes as if they were panoramic movie scenes.
In this so called 'grieving session' it's you becoming 'other person'. As each episode plays you will feel the emotions of others that you were interacting with, as if you were that person. If you gave emotional harm on someone, you'd feel their pain as if it was yours. Then the great I am that is within you will make a judgement. If your intention in your life was evil and harming other people, you may suffer as you can now feel their agony. If your intention was based on loving and caring, you may advance to other planet and live with like-minded people who has achieved a similar level of spiritual development. If you think you did not achieve what you had hoped for, you may decide to reincarnate and start all over again until you learn the lesson”.
After their long conversation, the spacemen told Nick to come back tomorrow to the exactly same spot for the second meeting and Nick agreed.

A day has passed. Nick hurried his way to the mountain top wondering what the mysterious being has to tell him today. By the time Nick reached to the top of the mountain the being had already arrived and was waiting for him.
“So what is it that you wanted to tell me about today?” Nick said full of curiosity.
“The purpose of your life”.
Nick was confused and at the same time was very curious. “What would that be?”
“Is to be who you are”.
Nick was more confused.
The spaceman said looking at Nick full of benevolence and love, “You lived your life as what other people tell you you are. It is as if you are so focused on taking your social role that you had almost forgotten who you truly are and suffered from the feeling of inferiority as you had difficulty trying to be someone you are not, but rather someone what other people want you to be. You took a great effort to obey to this because you were so kind to other people”.
The man’s words resonated with Nick as he always had a low self-esteem not being able to be someone with qualities that human society values the most.
“The greatest temple is within you. Remember who you are and find the answers inside you.” was the man’s last words.

On that night, Nick was lying in bed, listening to music, trying to relax and thinking about what the man had said. All of sudden, the music turned into the voice of an angel and the memories from his childhood till now, in which he felt significant emotions, passed through his mind as if they were panoramic movie scenes. He felt as if it was the judgement day after his life ended, ready to be judged. He could feel his emotions
when he was experiencing those moments including when he was abused and ridiculed and when he thought he was not a valuable person. He pitied himself for having gone through those experiences knowing that his intention towards other people was innocent and caring. Then, he felt this great turmoil of emotions inside him and began to feel compassionate about himself. He was learning to love himself. He realized the great man he was yearning for in his heart was none other than himself. He had reached the great understanding of life.

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