Am I Evil

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Enter the mind of serial killer who hates humanity and believes humans arevthe most evil species in existence. A pure villian who is convinced he is the hero.

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Chapter 1

Submitted: April 24, 2018

Am I Evil?

Chapter 1

I remember as a young boy reading the 10 comandments. They all seemed one sided. Each only seemed to delve into the absolute. There was only two choices- good or bad, only black and white. Even at
an early age I realized nothing is black and white. There only exists shades of grey. Humans are the most evil things imaginable. Every single one of you deserves to die. Well maybe not all. Even
humans have shades of grey in them I suppose but very few. Danny was my best friend growing up. We lived in the country just outside the town we grew up in, Malden Missouri. I hated this town. No
jobs no future. Everyone working for low pay and scrapping around just to get by. Just to keep the lights on. Just after I turned 18, a few months after I graduated Danny planned a hunting trip in
the hills. The Missouri hills was as country as it got. The true meaning of hillbilly is the best I can describe it. I was taught the only acceptable means of killing was for food. You have to eat
to live. Eating meat is part of the human consumption. We need it for our proper diet to stay healthy. That much I know and understand but never kill just for the sake of killing. “Wake up Harlend.
Early hunter gets the deer,” Danny said to me. My name is William Harlend by the way. Sounds funny now but that name would shroud the entire country in fear and infamy years to come. “Okay man just
give me five minutes okay?,” I replied. Immediately I went right back to sleep. 5:30 a.m. was never a good time to wake up for me. “Harlend! Get up man!” Danny yelled. He was getting me up whether
I wanted to or not. He planned this trip for months. Not even me being too lazy to wake up was going to ruin it for him. I finally got out of my sleeping bag and put on my hunting gear. Just
camoflauge overalls and on top of a black long sleeve shirt is all I needed. I walked through the tent I made before last night. We camped deep in the woods. Danny wanted to make sure we were in
the right place. According to other hunters, deer usually migrate this way. “Danny we're already this deep in the woods. We're way more than mile where I parked my truck, chill out we'll get
something for sure,” I said still half asleep. “Actually 2 miles from the parking zone,” he replied in his classic smart ass tone of voice. I just laughed and said “Of course your smart ass would
be that accurate.” We both laughed and loaded our rifles. I made sure I brought my old bowie knife with me. I loved that knife. It always had a menacing feel to it. It was modeled after the Jim
Bowie knife of legend. One of the heroes of the Alamo. The blade was wide and sharp but halfway through the dull or upper part was a curved but also sharp side. I think that’s why Jim Bowie won so
many knife fights. Each side of the knife was deadly. After an hour it seemed we finally found a place to wait at. It was just before a very steep hillside. If we did kill a deer the thought of
dragging its lifeless body up that hill frightened me. I sat down and rested my back against a tree. Dried leaves from autumn covered the ground and all over the forrest. Only sound I could hear
was the cold wind running through the woods and numbing my ears and face. It felt like at least an hour before Danny spotted something. He whispered to me,” Harlend keep quite this one's mine.” At
the bottom of the hillside he spotted a doe. His eyes were fixed only on her. His scoped, that he spent forever adjusting, rested upon her heart. One loud sound rang all around the hillside maybe
even the whole forrest. The doe laid dead. A perfect shot. Of course danny celebrated. I hadn't seem him that excited in years. Hunting was his one true joy in life. We went down the hillside. It
was more steep tjan I thought. We wrapped a rope around the doe's lifeless corpse. As we started to drag the deer up hill we heard something else walking on the leaves. We both stopped and stayed
silent. Then we heard nothing. “Lets just get her up the hill man,” I said. Then we heard the movement again. Both of immediately turned, Danny already had his rifle pointed at that direction the
sound came from. I finally saw what he was aiming at. Nothing more than a baby deer. I thought sure he would pit his gun down and keep carrying the doe back to camp, but I was wrong. His rifle
stayed fixated on the baby deer. “What are you doing?” I whispered. “Its just a little one but ill get two in one day,” he whispered back. “We already got one dragging up that hill. I’m dragging
that one too,” I said. “We wont,” Danny laughed. The shot from Danny's gun rang out. It was so unexpected even myself froze up from the sound. Then I looked I saw the baby deer laid dead. And Danny
had a proud smirk on his face. When I realize what had happened my entire face went numb in rage. I came just a inch, maybe a lil more, between Danny's face and mine. “WHAT THE FUCK MAN!!!! WHATS
WRONG WITH YOU!!!” I shouted at him. “Woahhh. Come down Harlend. It was just a baby. Barely any meat on him. We still got the mother. That’s the real prize.” “Livings things are'nt a prize! You
didn’t even plan on eating the baby too did you?” I viciously replied. “You're still going on about that ‘humans are bad' shit you always preached in school and everyone thought you were a freak,”
Danny said. “That’s why I had to talk that junior into fucking you at prom!” Danny said. Just the thought of someone killing a baby animal for no reason. Sickened me. That is the purest form of
innocence and Danny took that away from that deer for no reason. I remember so much anger built up in me my skin felt hot during winter. Then it seemed time skipped. My bowie knife, the knife I
always kept sharp and cleaned was thrust into Danny’s chest. He tried to tell me something but just coughed up blood. He looked me in the eyes one last time and his body fell on the dry leaves. I
just killed my childhood best friend. So many thoughts and emotions ran through my brain. I curled up into a ball and cried my eyes out. What had I done? How could I speak to his mother again? I
don’t know how long I stayed balled up like that. I knew it was later in the afternoon now and I just noticed the sky darkening. I remembered what I was taught as a child. Its only murder if you
don’t eat what you kill. Humans have to have meat to stay healthy. I knew Danny wasn’t going to eat that baby deer, that was murder. Im not a murderer though. I built a fire out of some leaves and
twigs. I took all his clothes off and cut up his body into sections and laid him on the open flames. I watched his flesh cook right before me. I took my first bite into Dannys thigh. I think it was
the left thigh. I hoped if it tasted good some of the guilt would wash away. I cried my eyes out while I ate my bestfriend.
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