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Diving in to see who you really are ...

Submitted: April 24, 2018

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Submitted: April 24, 2018



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“You’ve got me wanting to go deeper than you’ll ever know. Wanting to feel the way you flow. ”


– Trey Songz



Dive In



I stood above the water

And thought,

“I have to do this. ”

Grasp the diamond

I know exists.

Many told me

I could not do it.

They said I’d die

And slowly suffocate.

I’d accept it.

Because without you

Life doesn’t seem worth it.




I’ll dive and swim

Through fear and insecurity.

Even if I’m left breathless

I’ll accept it.

To have you

Here with me.




I dive …

And swim …

Deeper …

And deeper …

And there’s no

Turning back any longer.




And all I see is blue ..

Ocean Eyes …

All I could

Think of is you …

That’s no surprise.




This will hurt

There’s no way

We won’t make mistakes.

But I’ll dive

As deep as I need to

I will not hesitate.




To grasp

The diamond that exists

To have this moment

Here with you

I’ll use my last breath

For a kiss.

And slowly extend

My hand

I’ll stretch

For the diamond that lies

Beneath your chest.



– K.S. Fort



From, “To Me ”


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