Heavenly Sensuousness

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Submitted: April 24, 2018

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Submitted: April 24, 2018



Insatiably making me erupt into a garden of everlasting enthrallment; profusely blending each of my murderously devastated senses with the most bountiful paradise of the Lord Divine,
Fantastically propelling me to indefatigably dance all night; inundate the curtain of ghastly blackness with the uninhibited frenzy of my tantalizing gyrations,
Royally perpetuating each arena of my nimbly impoverished countenance; with unfathomable rivers of majestically titillating exuberance,
Voluptuously unfurling even the most dolorously strangulated pores of my skin; to perennially coalesce with the clouds of enigmatically eluding fantasy,
Such was the untamed inferno of my poignantly charismatic sensuousness; drowning me forever and ever and ever into an ocean of ardently silken desire.


Fabulously mesmerizing me on every step that I transgressed; blazingly flooding each drearily diminishing nerve of mine with the eternal elixir of unparalleled excitement,
Bountifully deluging my indolently stony eyeballs with marvelously ever augmenting exhilaration; impregnating in them an unsurpassable entrenchment of timeless desire,
Divinely pacifying even the most infinitesimally disgruntled pore of my visage; with its sky of panoramically rejuvenating freshness,
Unbelievably enchanting even the most lackadaisically loitering ingredient of my blood; profoundly embellishing my entire body with its of unending graciousness,
Such was the unassailable heaven of my ravishing sensuousness; incessantly spiraling above the skies of unending yearning; perpetually drifting me solely towards the
path of sparkling enticement.


Miraculously instilling uninhibited spurts of ebullient lightening in my pathetically croaking voice; euphorically escalating it to wholesomely melange with a fountain of resplendent goodness,
Piquantly adorning my nonchalantly fading lips with a flavor so intransigently regale; that I uncontrollably kissed even the most diminutive iota of rhapsody cascading freely in the beautiful atmosphere,
Magnificently unveiling every bit of asphyxiated emotion brutally trapped in the innermost realms of my conscience; liberating my body into the aisles of celestially gallivanting freedom and far away from the uncouth vagaries of this treacherously manipulative planet,
Voraciously tickling each cranny of my miserably disheveled flesh; witnessing me ecstatically bounce way beyond the corridors of gloriously princely imagination,
Such was the romantically fiery cistern of my silken sensuousness; aristocratically draping my mercurial form with the jubilant inebriation and patriotism of
wonderful rhyme.


Gorgeously incinerating my brain to fantasize beyond the land of the charmingly extraordinary; unrelentingly delving and exploring the territories of insatiably euphoric wilderness,
Magically bestowing my penuriously dwindling aura with an unsurpassable festoon of melody; splendidly healing even the most inexplicably traumatic of my wounds,
Compassionately  caressing even the most parsimonious trace of frazzled agony round my body; with its winds of unshakably unprecedented belonging,
Transiting me into the most astoundingly celestial reverie of my life; fabulously painting each of my dreams with the unending magic of God's pricelessly proliferating creation,
Such was the triumphant river of my spell binding sensuousness; resplendently harnessing every disastrously dithering element of my visage; with a wand of magically burgeoning intoxication and immortal enthrallment.

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