Oh Ikemefuna, The cold bird of fate, Caught between lightening and love. Your blood is an incarnate for my soul.

Ikemefuna, The prodigal son of disputing fathers, Left to the mercy of blood and vengeance. The sacrifice for a cold peace.

Let guilt be shaken beneath my raven heart, For the blood of Ikemefuna cries Down the river. Seeking for revenge, Machete for machete!

It is to you oh Ikemefuna I cry, Forgive the deeds of my fathers and lift this plight. Did you not see the nakedness of my bones? Did you not see the emptiness of my heart?

The gods are mute, My ancestors are angry, The masquerade of my fathers have refused to leap to my praises. Oh Ikemefuna! What abound such wickedness? This distance has taken more than it has given.

I'm made a foreigner of my Land,and a slave to my ways. My nights are hunted with strange mares, And my head filled with echoes of pain.

My sons are fit, My daughters are ripe, Strike them not in their innocence,oh Ikemefuna! Spill my blood and not theirs, For I fear they know nothing of the hand you died.

My eyes are tearful, The days are evil, Angry gods cannot save us now. Intercede for me, Oh ikemefuna! For it is to you I offer this sacrifice.


#Things fall Apart.

©John Praise Ochoche.

Submitted: April 24, 2018

© Copyright 2023 john praise. All rights reserved.

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