Her New Born Heartbeats

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Submitted: April 24, 2018

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Submitted: April 24, 2018



Her impeccably wandering and emphatic eyes; were exactly like mine; mischievously fulminating into an island of unparalleled exuberance; every unfurling
minute of the day,
While the charismatically wonderful lips; she had stupendously inherited from her mother; perennially blossoming into a paradise of rhapsodically untamed happiness.

Her magnificently robust and heavenly pink toes; were exactly like mine; intrepidly frolicking all the time; towards the clouds of mystical adventure,
While the miraculously Omnipotent contours of her pristine feet; she had  astoundingly inherited from her mother; enchantingly dancing to the tunes of the
seductively milky night.

Her celestially radiant and immaculate palms were exactly like mine; metamorphosing every thing that she blissfully caressed into an entrenchment of unfathomable empathy,
while the enamoring vivacity in her intricately poignant fingers; she had eclectically inherited from her mother; delectably swishing them to inquisitively explore even the most minuscule trace of newness; in the gloriously dazzling atmosphere.

Her bountifully twinkling and mesmerizing ears were exactly like mine; ebulliently flapping under thefirst rays of the Omnisciently golden Sun,
While the melodiously enchanting voice; she had profoundly inherited from her mother; as she exotically placated even the most disastrously traumatized parts of this unending Universe; with the unsurpassable joy in her untainted sounds.

Her diminutively fragrant and triumphant neck was exactly like mine; innocuously drifting towards all ravishingly tantalizing goodness in the vibrant atmosphere,
While the majestic silhouettes of her everlasting chest; she had incredulously inherited from her mother; beautifully assimilating all priceless humanity on this unfathomable planet; in her gloriously Omnipotent soul.

Her poignantly crimson and immaculate blood was exactly like mine; innocuously culminating into a stream of sparkling newness; every unveiling instant
of the brilliantly flamboyant day,
While the magnanimously ingenious network of her virgin veins; she had ecstatically inherited from her mother; as she profusely harbored the virtues of fathomlessly glistening mankind; in every element of her regally aristocratic visage.

Her voluptuously ebullient eyelashes were exactly like mine; handsomely fluttering towards the corridors of eternity; under the milky ocean of iridescently starry
While the ravishingly priceless crusts of hazel hair on her scalp; she had scintillatingly inherited from her mother; as she philandered in the meadows of divinely playfullness; for infinite more births yet to unveil.

Her resplendently fiery and mystical breath was exactly like mine; boundlessly spawning into an entrenchment of spell binding exoticism; on every path
that she enigmatically transgressed,
While the fabulously silken shapes of her nose; she had majestically inherited from her mother; as she became the irrefutably unparalleled darling; of even the most obsoletely forlorn and coldblooded devils.

Her eternally blissful and sacrosanct conscience was exactly like mine; fostering nothing but the blazing whirlwinds of Omnipresent truth,
While the freshly budding crusts of scintillating teeth; she had fascinatingly inherited from her mother; as she ingratiatingly munched the fruits of timeless creation; for centuries unprecedented.

And although she had proudly inherited some of me; while a fathomless elements of her divinely body were an astounding replication of her; heavenly mother,
Her new born heartbeats were the most purest form of the Almighty Lord; not only immortally diffusing into the chapter of perpetual love; but unconquerably proving that it was indeed the most ultimate panacea for all forms of existence; the most unassailable belonging to handsomely cherish; even centuries after invidiously
ghastly death.

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