Holding Back

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Submitted: April 24, 2018

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Submitted: April 24, 2018



If we held back our thunderous laughter,
boisterous episodes of joy would get crucified in dungeons of sorrow,
accompanied by hysterical sobbing at times of ecstatic jubilation.

if we held back our breath for more than few seconds,
the body would feel choked and suffocated,
we would inadvertently release the same with exhilarated sighs and gasps.

if we held back saline tears from dribbling down,
we would become brutally cold to pragmatic realities of death,
would soon become insane and misfits to exist in the society.

if we held back outrageous anger from expurgating out,
outbursts of violence would strangulate our heart,
leading to imprisoned feelings of savage vindication.

if we held back our sneeze from diffusing out into frothy spray,
crusts of moist mucus would get deposited in our nostril,
causing inevitable sensations to occasionally finger our nose.

if we held back our coats of nails from growing tall,
they would forcibly find a way to flourish,
piercing through the plethora of sophisticated armory placed beside them.

if we held back our speech from making obstreperous noise,
the fleshy organ of our tongue would decay, trapped between a cluster of teeth,
dying a natural death in hollow ambience of mouth.

if we held back dazzling yellow pools of water in our bladder,
the spongy caricature of body would feel overwhelmingly restless,
the liquid would spasmodically gush out after few hours of feckless control.

if we held back unsurpassable feelings of holistic love,
there would be frugal purpose in this life to exist,
we would simply waste precious years bestowed upon us to breathe as humans.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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