Home & Paradise

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I didn't need palaces inundated with unfathomable treasuries of gold and silver; sheets of  
sanctimoniously silken richness to sleep and tirelessly exist,
Home & Paradise for me was where elements of perennially blessing and fantastically unconquerable truth lived,
Home & Paradise for me was where there was rustic simplicity galore; without the most infinitesimal iota of manipulation,
Home & Paradise  for me was the place where there wasn't the tiniest speck of salacious bloodshed; where the spirit of unassailable symbiotism reigned majestically supreme,
Home & Paradise for me was the atmosphere where pristine innocence was the mantra of life for times immemorial; where the fragrance of Immortal Love blessed every palpable organism in its Godly swirl.

I didn't need clouds showering gold coins of the highest pedigree; political power of the most unprecedented authority to mercilessly rule over the entire boundless planet,
Home & Paradise for me was where rainbows of celestial peace and disarmament were the color of the Omnipotent day; gave impregnable tenacity to blissful blossom for
a countless more enchanting nights,
Home & Paradise for me was the island where unparalleled happiness flowered; out of helping my fellow comrades and truculently beleaguered human being,
Home & Paradise for me was where there wasn't the most ethereal trace of hedonistic monotony; and innovative freshness culminated into the most pricelessly everlasting song of humanity,
Home & Paradise for me was the kite which forever sailed into the forest of enigmatically enthralling adventure; splendidly tantalizing every dormant cranny
of my nimble body.

I didn't need the most fantastically glittering jewelry on my body; a never-ending fountain of immaculately milky pearls profusely pouring on my demeanor from all sides,
Home & Paradise for me was in the first sign of regale life spawning from quintessential soil; the inimitable versatility with which it diffused its magnetism upon one and all alike,
Home & Paradise for me was where the ghastly mortuary of lies had evaporated into inane nothingness; where only righteousness was the miraculous wind that diffused from the mouth,
Home & Paradise for me was in that fabric; which perennially wafted the scent of the unshakably sacrosanct mother,
Home & Paradise for me was in the clouds; in which exuberantly soared the birds
of timelessly uninhibited freedom.

I didn't need unsurpassably unceasing power; the reigns of this entire Universe in my hands; to whimsically rule at my wacky will,
Home & Paradise for me was where every human under the sky; bonded in the religion of humanity; irrespective of caste; creed and spurious religion; alike,
Home & Paradise for me was in the veils of mischievous sensuousness; the aristocratic setting of the evening Sun behind the mystically rain soaked hills,
Home &  Paradise for me was where ubiquitous camaraderie disseminated its humanitarian caress on every patch of ebulliently fructifying soil,
Home & Paradise for me was in the mirrors of insuperably glorious honesty; the cradle of the new born child; whose very first cries resembled the spirit of the perpetually triumphant and  Omnipotent divine.

Submitted: April 24, 2018

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