The Madness of Art

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At twelve years old I fought with the constant idea that I wasn't good enough. That I could never live up to my parent's expectations and worth. That there was something wrong with me and I didn't
even deserve to be alive. So at twelve years old, in all my youth and assurance, I planned to end my life. I thought there was no other way and all I could do was listen to the angry and hurtful
voices when I wasn't being bullied at school. But I was lucky that day because someone got to me in time, a faint voice in the back of my head spoke out and halted my actions. Now here I am
eighteen years later, stronger, happily married, with a life of love, hope, and creativity. Others before have not been so lucky, but I hope to change that with my memoir "The Madness of Art." My
journey with mental illness and finally finding my happy ending. I am one of six adults to have a mental illness, but I am one of billion strong.

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Submitted: April 24, 2018

Preface:                 Late Summer 2015 I know what it's like to want to die, the feeling i... Read Chapter