Electronic Stalker's Of The Internet

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Who actually takes the time to read the terms & conditions of a pop up alerting the user to the use of tracking Cookies? 'Life is far to short' and 99.9% of us will never waste our time reading

Submitted: April 24, 2018

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Submitted: April 24, 2018



Tracking Cookies.
I call them the electronic stalkers of the internet, tracking cookies are everywhere, every webpage we visit has tracking cookies, they latch on to your browser like a leach sucking on your blood.
And as I don’t have a social media account anywhere, well, I can only imagine that the browser or App you use will be infested with the little blood suckers.
Of course you can always go to your browser or App settings and delete them but its rather a pointless task because they will attach themselves to your browsing session again as soon as you return to the page.
I do think that tracking cookies have really over stepped there intrusiveness when were all browsing web pages, they follow us all about like there some form of sunless shadow, quietly and silently gathering as much information about us as they possibly can and all in the name of selling our data to advertisers.
It’s not exclusively for just selling you advertisements, it’s also valuable data for authorities to pick through, just to see what type of person you are and it also gives many employers a peak into what character you have when they pick you out as a potential candidate for employment.
(You are just a string of data) not a person, always remember that!
I have recently bequeathed myself with counting just how many tracking cookies a single user gets on one session of there browser and it’s a lot!
Of course, that depends on the website that there visiting but in my experience and observation, media sites take some beating for the sheer amount of shadow tracking cookies that attach themselves to your browsing session.
I counted 86 tracking cookies on just the main page of a particular UK newspaper, that was without looking at any other webpage!
And when I started to read various articles with the online newspaper I got a further 41 tracking cookies. ’ that’s 127 tracking cookies’ within two articles.
Yeah, there was a pop up banner that informed the user about the tracking cookies and it also informed the user about how these cookies could or might improve the web experience of their visit.
I’ve never believed in the free lunch approach and tracking cookies are something that provide the visited website with a bit of your information so they can sell that data to advertisers and as such, off set some of the cost that it costs to run the journalistic article.
I just feel uncomfortable with tracking cookies following me about that’s all, my way of thinking is that I have allowed the cookie to bed itself within my browser and it has given the visited website information about what type of articles I like to view so my tracking cookies have been sold to advertisers, with in turn has paid for my visit. (So why are the tracking cookies still gathering my data)? 
I have already paid ’with my visiting data’ for reading an article on the website so why am I still paying with sending you my data when I no longer visit you’re website?
Apparently and from the information I managed to gather, it would take an average person 64 days to read all the terms and conditions of just a four hour session on the internet, 99.9% of the global population will never do that, ever!  ‘life’s far to short’.
Yep, most of us who are blessed with paying bills will have had the dreaded internet broadband bill drop through the letter box.
And yep, we all begrudgingly pay the bill but it does really make you think about what your actually paying for?
If we all pay to get on the internet and we all pay to have the internet displayed to us on a screen at work or at home….. Why do we have to pay even further with giving our data to websites ’for free’!?
‘We’ve already paid once’ but were subconsciously paying again with our data!  (Am I they only person who can see what’s wrong in that)?
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