Casual Sex

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Horror. Humour. Flash Fiction.

Submitted: April 24, 2018

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Submitted: April 24, 2018



Casual Sex


  Just another night in Intensive Care, crazy sick and dying people in small

 beds, screaming, moaning, yelling, swearing, some are comatosed.

- Do you here me Frank? Are you there Frank?  Frank?

  Doctors and nurses rushing around. One of them says to me...

- For someone who tried to kill himself, you sure want to live...

  I've got tubes coming out all over me, a trachy in my throat, machines

are beeping...What's tonight's entertainment...It's impossible to sleep

with all this noise.

  The ambos bring in an old bloke who's been beaten unconscious up

Darlinghurst. The staff put ice blocks all around him to lower his 

temperature. Fascinating. They empty out the drug safe and throw

ampoules everywhere, and try to decide what to give him. He's starting

to look a bit purple...He's dead!

- Do you mind if we put him in the bed next to you?

  What can I say? I can't answer, I've got a trachy in my throat. I nod,

he'll keep me company!

  I watch the old bloke for awhile, the place is starting to quieten down,

it's early morning, and I'm beginning to think I might nod off when I

hear him whisper...

- Get a nurse!

  I think I must be hearing things, but I hear him again...

- Quick get me a nurse!

  So I wave my arm about to get a nurse's attention, and when I do

it's that long legged blonde one who's always telling everyone she

starred in a Coke commercial. I point over to the corpse, she laughs

at me, but still goes over to have a look anyway.

  The corpse grabs her with his pale corpse hands, and pulls

her onto the bed with him. She unbuttons the top of of her 

uniform, and removes a resplendent breast from her bra and tells him...

- Suck it! Suck it! Lick it! Bite it! Harder!

  The corpse takes a big bite and rips the breast right off! Blood spurts

everywhere. The nurse falls of the bed and collapses on the floor.

The corpse gets out of bed and disappears out the door. Half the staff

go looking for him in disbelief, and the other half rush to treat the nurse

bleeding on the floor. But it's too late, she's bled out. The corpse

must have severed an artery. One of them come over to me and says...

- Do you mind if we put her next to you?

  Why not I think, I'm used to sleeping next to corpses.

  So after all this entertainment I'm nearly asleep again when I hear

another whisper...

- I love you...I love you...

  It's her of course, the dead nurse, I see her turn my way. I never 

knew I was her Valantine. It must be all the drugs in my system,

I think I'm hallucinating.

  I watch her get of the bed, she looks terrible, her face is all withered,

like one of those people at the end the movie they made of James

Hilton's " Lost Horizon." Her face is black and white, a thousand years


  She climbs into my bed and gives me a kiss, and yanks the catheter

out of my penis, and chomps her teeth into it, and bites it off.

- Did that hurt? I'd say I'm sorry, but loves means never having to 

say you're sorry!

  Just then one of the young male doctors spies her and yells out at her,

and begins to head in our direction. She jumps of the bed, bares her 

fangs and rushes towards him...

- Ain't I good enough for you?

  My mute voice screams...





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