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Just a essay about the documentary called the your pills

Submitted: April 24, 2018

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Submitted: April 24, 2018



Your Pills – A Documentary Assignment Michael Ritzow Carrington College Instructor: Joseph de Ocampo April 27, 2018

Take Your Pills – A Documentary Assignment The documentary “Take Your Pills” shows the rapid growth in the use of Adderall and other ADHD medications in adolescents to adults. The medication, Adderall, was created by Laz?r Edeleanu in 1887. The purpose of this drug was to help his wife be more focused on her physical activity. Adderall helps enhance positive mood, increase productivity, and improve focus. This paper will discuss the effects of Adderall on mental health and society. It wasn’t until 1929 that Gorden Alles discovered the physiological effects of Amphetamine. Gordon injected himself with 50 milligrams of the drug to experience the effects. He noted a significant improvement of happiness and an active mind. He also noted the lack of sleep. Gordon collaborates with a pharmaceutical company to create an inhaler called Benzedrine. With this new inhaler on the market, it was accessible to the public. Unfortunately, it was hugely abused by college students. Benson (2015) shares that “by the end of the 1930s, the Adderall of its day had taken over the academic world. Students from all backgrounds were using Benzedrine to stay awake late into the night to finish their school work and probably to have a good time” (para. 4). The use of the drugs carried on into WWII when the soldiers would take a pill form of methamphetamine, a derivative of amphetamine. It was used as a mood enhancer that allowed them to be more motivated and social while also increasing energy and strength. This was beneficial for the soldiers. Many famous musicians and actors during that time were using the drug as a sort of muse for inspiration and gratification. The drug continues to evolve from medication to recreation use for pleasure. Around 1960, they started diagnosing mental health as a significant health issue. Attention was given to mental conditions that were inhibiting people socially, physically, and emotionally. In the 80, children were diagnosed more often with ADHD and other mental health issues. The increase in children diagnosis leads to the prescription of Adderall to calm them down enough so they can focus in school and be overall a better state of mind; however, most of the children started to build a crutch to the medication. They started using it recreationally and developed a dependency on the drug. This carried on into high school and colleges. Student needed the drug help them focus on studying. On the other hand, they also used it to help them to be more socially conscious and outgoing in social settings. The positive effects of Adderall lead to studies done on grade school children better understand the impact of Adderall. A study was performed by splitting a school into two groups: one group got the ADHD medication while the other group got a placebo pill. After three weeks, researchers found that children who had issues with specific areas in school were improving in all subjects but mostly math. The study showed the students being more focused in class. Students who previously were acting up in class with behavior problems were calm and friendlier. Their moods changed for the better. However, the students who took the placebo pill had the same improvements in academic and social areas. A question arose from the study: Are the ADHD medication even necessary? Regardless of taking the actual medication or a placebo, both groups were improving academically and socially. Is the student’s self-motivation the right aid for their previous hindrances? There have been decades of research on the physiological effects of Amphetamine. The drug does help to improve focus and increase energy. What is surprising is the fact that students who took the placebo pills also experienced enhanced in school performance and behavior. The placebo pills did not affect the students; instead, it was a sense of self-fulfillment. I am more curious about the power of self-motivation. This study shows that anyone can succeed and achieve greatness if they are determined, focus, and believe in themselves. Unfortunately, our society relies heavily on medication and drugs to help them alleviate stress, pain, and other physiological limitation. Medications will help patients escape their depression, anxiety, and lack of attention, but at what cost? There are countless side effects from taking those medications that can harm the patient further. Also, building a dependency on the medication occurs often with chronic use. Studies have shown that other countries’ treatment for ADHD are drastically different than the U.S. Other countries bring more awareness to mental health issues by providing education early on. Students develop the knowledge and are equipped with tools to be successful without having to take medication. Students learn how to manage their anxiety, emotions, and stress. They learn how to recognize their feelings and can implement the appropriate exercises to relief those pressure. Instead of instantly prescribing Adderall to children diagnosed with ADHD, maybe it’s time to invest in education programs, additional resources, and provide alternative treatments.

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