pleasuring monsters

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this is really the only horror "story" that i've written, so some feedback would be awesome. thanks.

Submitted: April 24, 2018

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Submitted: April 24, 2018



I stared at his gleaming red eyes. They seemed to look right through me. I tried to reach out to him, his soul, his face, but he wasn’t he anymore. What was left of him is gone. He chuckles a maniac laugh, no sense, just a cackle. He reaches out, cat toying with a mouse. He grabs my arm and puts a gun to my head. I duck down, but he only pulls down with me. Then he yanks the gun away. Messing with my mind, I had to stay focused.He smiles that shows his red torn mouth. His teeth bright white though, sparkle and glimmer. They seem to shimmer, but then I snap, I close my eyes and open to the maniac standing in front of me, his teeth no more but black pieces of mush. He throws his head back showing the scars on his throat. I concentrate longer until he manages to slur out

“ Who do you think is in control?” I stand back trying to figure out the right answer before I could speak he yells

“ I THINK YOU'RE CRAZY!” The whole room uproars into cackling, laughing, and the sound only a savage animal could make. He sprints up to me head bumps me to the point I feel like throwing up. He let’s go as if untouched.

“ YOU'RE MAD, YOU CAN’T SURVIVE. You are crazy!” Again as if it was a joke the animals pound their feet on the ground jumping and going mad.

“ WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?”  I whisper my answer so softly that only I couldn't hear me say I am, but he somehow answers

“ Bless you, look around.” Then it seems the animals disappear, and I’m looking back at a sane person. “ Where do you think you are? Huh, know where you are? Well if you knew where you where, you wouldn’t be in charge. Welcome to terror. Got it comrade. Think about it, only the type we are would be here, so what are you?” I let his whispers sink in until I find the room begins to roar again I hear him yelling a chant. I find myself staring at the ground, not knowing what just happened. If everyone disappeared if I was actually listening to him. But something snaps me awake when I see his fist and his face come colliding at the same time. His smile, so far, yet different all at the same time. He cackles like an animal is fighting out. I fall back blurry from his fist. He yanks my shoulder out of my socket and I scream in pain, he reaches out to my arm and put a needle into it. I try to tug away, but the pain is inevitable. I feel my head swaying, my eyes fluttering, and my body screaming out sounds I didn’t make. I struggle to balance as my heart begins to feel like it’s fluttering. A haze falls on my eyes. I  again I make a sound so merciless I couldn’t tell if it was me. He looked at me again, this time his eyes were more than red, they were daggers shooting at me. Then my eyes shake and I’m floating above my body. I see him and me inside the bars. The dirty arms and hands of the animals that shake the bars almost wanting in. He struts towards me and picks me up my body untouched by the weight. He lifts me over his head and slams me into the bars. I feel myself then dropping slowly back to my body. I slide right into my skin, like a new shirt over me. Picking myself up, wincing at the pain, I stood tall, bold, and scared. I scream out the loudest roar. I cackle like a mad man, but it doesn’t matter, because something was inside of me, a monster tearing at my skin to get out of my mind. I scratch at my head trying to tear it out. The monster that was inside wanted out, but I couldn’t let go of it. It festers inside growing bigger and stronger. I grow weaker and weaker. The monster finally taking over screeches like a banshee. It lifts me up and throws its head back. Taking my hand it carves a pattern over my heart, giving out blood, but I don’t feel it. Then throw the eyes of it, I saw him pick me up and the whole room drew the heart of blood. It and all of the others went crazy. They all climbed the walls punched each other, and were tearing at their faces. My mind was spinning, my headache was outrages. My brains felt like they were melting then running down my ears. I couldn’t keep my eyes straight they hit my eye sockets, throwing themselves against it. They shook and spun throwing me around. I again float up, but this time I could actually see through my eyes. The room dark, now bright was scary. The bare walls white, that had once been concrete and crumbling. The animals faces were in pain, they were crying, tear-stained and bloody. They all seemed lost, scared, and most of all, wanting. The animals now were no more but mere children. Crying for their family. Crying for the end. The all were strapped into chains that were bolted to the ground. All were running against them, pulling, and tugging them. All wanting them off but didn’t see the key that they held right. In. their. Hand. None of them realized that this place wasn’t what it was. He was right. I don’t know where I am. No one does. Everyone knows the pain, and the false comforting. We all know but didn’t know an answer. Only I did, but if I couldn’t even kill the monster inside of me, then how do I kill theirs. But I look down to me again and see just the outline of the key in my maniac hand. I hurried down to me as fast as I could. I felt myself slip in again. I tried hard to fight the monster, but it was a ravaging animal. The monster engulfed me in its pain. I felt the feeling of loss and loneliness so much it, shot me in the heart. Wincing at something that wasn’t there. I took control only a moment reaching out to my hand. I felt the key, but the monster tore my hand away. This time the monster hurt, I could sense it. I held my grip tighter not letting go. But the monster screeched and felt a bullet go through its head. Falling back and slowly letting its grip less. I pulled on the key, and it went mad. The monster was a savage beast that tackled me and bit off my fingers. With each one off, I felt him pulsing with energy, and me draining it all to him. On my third finger I gripped the key as best as I could and ripped away. Then a shock hit me, a hard hit against my whole body. It knocked the air out of me, and left me breathless. I stumbled back a haze covering my vision again. Feeling myself go in and out. I dropped to the ground as I heard the whining of a high pitch soar in my ear, it hurt so bad, I went deaf for some time. With my vision and hearing back, I stood back up wobbly. By legs buckling underneath me, I tried again. This time I stood tall, proud but of what? Then it hit me all the animals now men again. All of them free from the chains. The cuffs shattered to pieces. But they didn’t seem to be able to stand up. They groaned and whined. All of them looked dead on the outside. Their eyes were a light gray, skin was pale white, teeth black and chattering. Some shacked and vibrated. But none could stand and look that they were free, none knew that they were free, and they weren’t hurting anymore. How come only I could feel that I was free? I ran over to the best looking one and said

“ You're free, no more hurting, no more chains.” He only looked up once. And that was all I needed to know. His eyes were so gone. His eyes crippled, lost, and always in pain. His eyes  were out of touch, they just let go. I stood up and heard him barely speak, let alone whisper, say,

“ We’re never free.” Three words that hit me. I stopped and looked around again, but truly looked, not with my eyes, but with my heart. The room was nothing but a jail cell of all of our minds. Before was better, because then we at least couldn’t feel the pain, we were all just monsters. If we died, we wouldn’t know. But now, we all didn’t have that false sense. They were dead. I walked back to him. I saw him sitting against the bars head in his head. He feels my presence and looks up. Gray fills his eyes. There was no white or even red. I get dizzy and fall back a little. He barely lifts the side of his mouth to smile.

“ You see, we will never be free. You will never either, now since you're alive you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. At least my men get to die sooner, without all the pain.”

“ but I don’t feel nearly as bad as I did before.”

“ Bless your soul. You really think you are ever free. Once you're in, you never leave. Our scars and wounds are what stays with us. Yours just happen to not be that deep. But the shackles that held us, they were what kept us alive. Now we drop dead without it.”

“ But the pain with them felt worse!”

“ But with the pain, there was something that kept us wanting more. With the more pain, the more we wanted to ease it with. Thankfully we were so dumb for wanting more pain because, without the pain, we are unstable. The pain is what drove us, without it, we are nothing.” I felt so guilty, in thinking that I could save everyone. I just killed more. Now I don’t know who I am either, all my actions I wonder if it’s the monster. I can’t do anything now not knowing if I am looking through my eyes, or it’s. Then he slides and drops to the ground and groans out

“ Who do you think controls you?” I fall crying, now knowing. Now realizing. Now regretting. But never ever forgetting. Who. Controls. Me. Who. I. Am.


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