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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Is there a reason that you fight, all your life

And is there a season - to be wrong or to be right

So , what's that reason you live all your life - all around you

Is it that there's a tomorrow - to make it all worth the fight

If today- just somehow - it ain't right



Doe's - letting the love grow make it all right - all around you

And if you let the love grow will you know that it's right

Do you know - when your best years have passed - all round you

Co's you've tried - you've fought , you've held on - but you've caught

a feint whiff of the end............ and it's not what you thought .


Top hat , a cane and shoes of the same - you've  danced  your last dance

& you hang your head there shame

You're to tired to bother - to worn to go on - just sleep would be nice and be welcoming on.....

No , no !!!Hold you head high , proclaim the right - to go on in your life and fight the fight

But - time .......time - it's caught you out get just one breath more and then ..............No more.


Well , there was a reason why you fought all your life

You live all those season's to be wrong or be right

The reason why you lived all your life - all around you

was for a tomorrow ............. to make it all worth the fight

if that day................. it just somehow weren't right


You let the love grow and knew that was right - all around you .

Yes - you helped the love grow .............and you shared in it's light 

and a few seeds of that love ..............dropped inside a few hearts

And as memories fade - and the past - is the past - time passes by - all around us 

Inside a few hearts - with the fight of life for today - snuggled deep there inside

lives the love that you grew - All around us ...........




Submitted: April 25, 2018

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