How Can I Ever Love?

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Submitted: April 25, 2018

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Submitted: April 25, 2018



How can I ever hear anybody else's voice; when infact I have wholesomely surrendered all my power of hearing to your enchanting melody, when
infact I sighted my face in your eyes; indefatigably all day and night,

How can I ever emulate anybody else's movements; when infact I irrevocably followed your intricate footsteps; right since the time I uttered my first

How can I ever sketch anybody else's countenance; when I had immortally embossed your sacrosanct visage in the inner most arena of my chest,

How can I ever embrace anybody else's body; when infact I was an indispensable part of your every majestically royal caress,

How can I ever dream about anybody else's reflection; when infact I floated in the swirl of your stupendously passionate and charismatic breath,

How can I ever smile for anybody else's looks; when infact you were perennially perched all over the contours of my rubicund lips,

How can I ever wait for anybody else to arrive; when infact your incredulously enamoring footprints were all that I could recognize,

How can I ever kiss anybody else's cheeks; when infact your sacrosanct body was all that I took breath for,

How can I ever frolic with anybody else's hair; when infact I was each minuscule portion; which entirely encapsulated your magnanimous forehead,

How can I ever write poetry for anybody else's life; when infact you were poignantly present in every alphabet that unfolded from my tongue and hands,

How can I ever hoist anybody else's belongings; when infact your intriguingly innocuous visage clung compassionately to my shoulders since decades

How can I ever cry for anybody else's absence; when infact my eyes had forgotten to flutter beside your impeccably startling persona,

How can I ever yearn for anybody else's presence; when infact even the most infinitesimal globule of your golden perspiration; meant to me more than my life,

How can I talk with anybody else's face; when infact I was left dumbfounded forever witnessing your ravishingly Omnipotent grace,

How can I ever sing about anybody else's demeanor; when infact your name was all that diffused like thunderbolts of volatile lightening; whenever I made the most inconspicuous of effort to open my lips,

How can I ever breathe; in anybody else's anticipation; when infact your mesmerizing benevolence was all that unrelentingly flowed through my jacket of tenderly handsome lungs,

How can I ever live for anybody else's whim and fancies; when infact I was the blood which transgressed through your veins; as the Sun flamed and faded the  unfathomable expanse of blue sky,

And how can I ever love anybody else's body; when infact your incomprehensible beauty poured out from  each of my heart beat; metamorphosing each portion of
earth it cascaded on; into a celestial paradise.

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