How His Planet Behaved As The Wind Blew

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Submitted: April 25, 2018

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Submitted: April 25, 2018



Newborn leaves shivered in anticipation of unbridled romance; fantasizing beyond realms of the extraordinary- in perfect symbiosis with the fathomless expanse of voluptuous sky,

Boundless blades of untamed grass bent a trifle in ecstatic submission; fondly reminiscing their journey till date; on the trajectory of inscrutable planet divine,

Waters in streams sparkled to a profound full radiance; tantalizingly leaping towards the Sun—in their everpervading desire to shake hands with its unassailable yellow,

Countless petals swayed flirtatiously across boundaries of penance; to find their soulmates of everlasting joy; from amidst an unending firmament of blessed atmosphere,

Fish incarcerated in the deepest realms of sinister green ocean water rose to the surface; exuberantly darted in directions as unabashed as the first cry of this earth,

Mountain peaks stood more unflinchingly than ever; accentuating their valor  with all the more unflinching candidness -saluting the first beams of the Omnipresent Sun,

Unfathomable scores of bumble bees commenced to spawn honey with a zeal never ever witnessed before; boisterously whispering tales of their exhilarating air-borne journey-cuddling close in their hives of friendship,

Passionate fires spread like white lightening at the most inconspicuous thud of a leaf; stirring the most dolorous bits of atmosphere to crackle into a whole new
Universe of undefeated freshness,

The creepers most wretchedly entangled in dungeons of limitlessly plaintive captivity; now stood up straight in unison to chant simplistic mantras of holistic existence,

Bloodstreams frozen due to tawdry indifference and rebuke; now inexhaustibly indulged in the most ardent activity of living uninhibitedly and let live,

The centuries old lifeless tree-trunk suddenly jostled in anticipation of a brand new dawn; dancing once again to the rhythm of densely foliated nature divine and quelling an infinite with its mellifluous shade,

Desperately thwarted caves of gloominess breathed a sigh of heavenly relief; rejoicing their compassionate tryst with the world outside; though be it for sporadic moment as destined,

Bygone carcasses rotting times beyond the mortuaries of death- cried tears of ecstasy full throttle; at the silken touch which reinvigorated life in one and all; miraculously alike,

Nightingales hummed their sweetest songs all sensuous night and even in the heart of the sweltering day; perpetually perpetuating the entire planet with solely the religion of unconquerable oneness,

For once even the most discordant notes of the frog struck a chord with every beleaguered heart on the planet; bringing shattered lovers closer to bond with every unshakable sweetness of the soul,

The first showers of thunderous rain not only soaked every perimeter of parched earth; but diffused the fragrance of their magically ameliorating wetness to every entity in atmosphere and across; and till times beyond eternity,

Timeless rainbows in the sky looked like an insuperable captivating fairy; who this time would never disappear; but would continue to be the sparkle of every divinely fantasizing eye on the handsome Universe,

The most irascibly jittery of ants completely forgot to sting and bite; stretching their diminutive armory of feet into a posture of utmost relaxation—to eventually transit into a reverie of tracing their farthest roots,

No. It wasn't God who'd descended on earth for all of the above to happen. But he'd sent just an infinitesimal draught of wind instead upon earth; to witness how his unconquerable planet behaved; AS THE WIND BLEW

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