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The perception of Incels whom retaliate towards society.

Submitted: April 25, 2018

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Submitted: April 25, 2018



The term they use is Incel.


"Young men who struggle with finding romantic partners are finding solace in their shared experience with each other. They even have coined a term, "Incel" to describe their situation as being "involuntary celibate".


(quoted excerpt from


Perception is a funny thing. As an addict I placed a lot of my using upon the prior actions of others. I was the product of society's making. My actions upon others were a indirect reflection of how I was treated by society, or so I believed. Add a sense of entitlement to the mix and you get one messed up kid.

"Incels", as they're self-proclaimed have a perception that they are not worthy of female companionship due to the results. Laws of attraction apply here. If others are not finding you worthy of companionship then the problem isn't theirs', it's yours. And because of this you have no rights to mow down a crowd of people to vindicate your frustrations. That is pure selfishness and proves only one point, you're really messed up and need help.

To find companionship one must realize the true essences of "unselfishness behavior". I found the love of a woman not for what I could do for her, but what I was doing for those less fortunate. That attracted her to me. That was the result of me changing my perception of how I thought I should be treated by society. Once I came to understand that the world did not revolve around me I was able to help those whom were in need.

Society does not change for us upon command, we change ourselves to help society evolve into a better place. The results are astounding.

For the families affect by this horrible incident in Toronto my thoughts and prayers are with you. For the first responders your actions are greatly appreciated. And for the cop that didn't make a martyr out of an asshole, thank you for he'll be getting all the attention he can handle over the years to come.

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