Broken Vow

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This is a story about love that starts at a very young age and vows to love no one but themselves until the end. But the years passed by, things have changed especially when the time infiltrate in
the scene. No vows can stand in the middle of a situation wherein the only option is to plunging in. And that very moment, the vow that has been cared for years was broken like a shard of glass.

Find out why... Hope you enjoy :-)

Submitted: April 25, 2018

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Submitted: April 25, 2018



Conner Smith and Denise Hendrick are a childhood sweetheart. At their very young age, they seem to know how to keep their love for each another.

Before Conner and his family move to the City, they made a promise and agreement that no one will come between them. The vow happened in the tree house located at the back of Denise's house down the stream.

The place is quiet and beautiful. All you can hear is the running water through the stream and the sound of different birds and chirping of insects and the whooshing of the cold fresh air touches your skin.

"I Conner Smith, vow to love Denise Hendrick for the rest of my life and I will marry her at the right time as we both reach the legal age," Conner says as he raised his right hand and look straight at Denise is sitting on the wooden floor with cross legs.

Denise vowed the same thing in front of him. After the vow, they move their hands closer and intertwined gazing each other's eyes flickering with overflowing

After the vow, Conner handed a silver bracelet to her. Attached with it is a 4 letters L-O-V-E around it.

"Thank you" she utters in surprised gazing at Conner who gladly wears the bracelet around her wrist.

Denise feels so sorry at him for being not thoughtful and unprepared.

Conner gently touches her hand and a little hesitant if he is going to ask her or not.

He heaves a sigh. Denise's eyes gaze at him. She knew he had something to say but he holding them back.

She was very insisted and he finally uttered the words hesitantly. Her eyes glinting in disbelief and lace with a hinky face knowing he wanted to make love with her before he left.

The edgy feeling creeps her sanity but the feelings she had felt for him overpowering more than she could think what is right or wrong in that precise moment.

In the name of love, she gave him an affirmative glare in the eyes. She gave herself wholly to him.

They became very impulsive and devoured every ticking of the clock they had together. Undressing each other gently as it is their first time together.

Denise winces in every thrust he made. She gets hurt but the pain is manageable. She didn't care if her virginity lost forever but she was happy that's all that matter to her.


Conner and Denise walk back home. Before they could enter the house, Conner stopped and cautiously give her a gentle kiss on her lips and said.

"I love you." lovingly gazing into her eyes.

"I love you too" she responded and both headed inside the house.

Her mother is in the kitchen cooking for dinner while her father is in the garage cleaning their car.

Conner is welcome freely in their house. But all they know is that they were just best friends.

Conner and Denise chose to hide their relationship and disclose it when the right time has come because their parents are strictly warned them not to go beyond other than friendship not until they reach the right age. And they should focus on their study first.

Denise's mother observed something odd movement of her daughter the way she walks limply.

"What happened to you?" she asked as her face mask with wonder and concern.

"I-- am... I fell on the rock near the stream." She lied and climbed up the stairs towards her bedroom.

Conner, on the other hand, is walking cheerfully on his way home.

The day when the Smith family has finally been moved to the City, Denise veiled with sadness. Reminisced about the time being together.

Their long-distance relationship is not the hindrance for them to communicate via Skype or any means of communication.


Finally, here comes the sem break. The day she's been waiting for so she could see and visit Conner and his family in the City.

She hops into her car and drove down the City. She's wearing the bracelet that Conner has given her before they moved.

Denise remained loyal and faithful to him.

After a long trip, she finally arrived in the City. Where Conner live. She parks her car and walks towards the door and push the doorbell.

She couldn't understand why her heart throbs faster in nervous. She took a deep breath and release a sigh.

About a minute after, the door swung open. A pregnant woman appears in front of her. She couldn't speak right away. Her eyes gazing at the woman's tummy and look up again with confusion who's that woman could be and why she's in Conner's house. A bunch of questions appears in her mind.

A gush of adrenaline slink swiftly in her senses when Conner comes out to see who could be their visitor with his hand around her waist and surprisingly he saw Denise standing in front of the lace with a shocking face as mouth gapes open.

Denise's heartbeat arrhythmically to mixed emotions. What she saw is enough to know that they had something together.

A sudden coldness glides into her skin that made her knees wobble and weak. Tears threatened to fall but before it runs down, she moves a quick turned and heads up through her car. She could no longer hold on her tears and it's running down on her cheeks and sob. Feeling betrayed and deceived by the one she only loves.

Suddenly, someone grabs her wrist. She stopped and turned around. It's Conner.

His eyed fixedly on the bracelet on her wrist. He remembered that it was the bracelet he gave to her a long time ago in the treehouse after they'd been exchanging the vowed.

"Denise... L--let me explain please," he begs to clench her wrist tightly.

She stares at him who looks at her longingly. As soon as their eyes met, she felt lost in his gaze once again. She can't believe with her perfidious body for having this retort with his simple stare. Her brain decided thoroughly stop functioning.

She missed him so much and love him with all her heart, mind, body and soul. All her mix emotions melt away in just one stare.

She runs and hugs him so close. Conner does the same thing too. They both shed tears.

They landed up in a motel to stay in while she's here in the City.

They both wheezing with breath and exhausted after a round of lovemaking.

"I love you, Conner,"  she says as she gently caressing his chest.

"I do love you too Denise, not a single day that I never thought about you, but I have to marry Christine just to save my Dad's company from bankruptcy. That's how her father's condition to marry her only daughter before he could help save my Dad's company. But after a year after my parents died in a car accident and I took over his company." he confesses everything to her.

"I didn't love Christine. Believe me or not but nothing's happened between us on the night we got married. She knew about you, Denise. She knew that no one holds my heart except you. But her father is very insisted on marrying her daughter before he's going to die and he will then help my father to save his company." he said wistfully.

"Christine wanted to help with our predicament. She suggested to marry her. No obligation at all. And on the day her father died, we will then get a divorce. I grabbed the idea for my father's company to be saved. But on the day her father's died. Christine wrapped with so much sadness that I can't watch her in grieving. I comforted her until we found ourselves naked next to each other." he tells her all, every detail she needs to know.

"I never thought she could be pregnant in just one night and her pregnancy is very delicate. I was happy knowing that my baby is a boy after she had her ultrasound." he smiles as he could hide his excitement on his face.

Denise suggested to leave her after she gives birth so they could be together again and she's willing to accept the child.

He agreed to the plan. As Christine suggestions to get a divorce right after her father died. But the process has been stuck at the moment as the circumstance appears in expectantly. Christine wants to do and stick to what has planned despite the fact she is pregnant but Conner suggested to put off the planned not until she gives birth.

They gave each other's eyes fervently and the two magnetically held each other arms and another round of strong affection occurred again. And this time around, Conner decided to record everything in his phone as a special keepsake from the one he truly love until they will be together again.

The room filled with so much sensation. Moaning in exceeding delight and gasping for pleasures.


Conner came home right at the moment Christine has done preparing for dinner on the table.

"Hey!" she exclaimed. She gives him a soft kiss on his cheek.

Conner darted on her eyes as it was swollen just like came from crying. He couldn't explain to himself why every time she saw her like that or in sadness his heart melts away.

Before she could move away, Conner held her from the back. Hug her tight. No words have come out from his mouth but just a tight hug presses his face on her head with a close eye.

Christine tried to fight back her tears not to fall. She hurriedly blinks her eyes a couple of times to hold back the tears.

Conner unclasped his arms around her small waist and step forward to the table. He sniffed the delicious smell of food laid in front of him. He can't deny his admiration towards Christine, the way she cooks and how she took care of him and do her role as a wife. After the first night they'd shared together it continues not just every night but every time whenever he feels the urged whether in the bathroom, kitchen, living room or on the table and on the floor Christine gave all the way with a blazing passion for him and he felt addicted to it.

But all he knows is that he loved Denise. He ignores whatever he feels for Christine as he believed it is just a plain nothing but concerns and gratitude towards her. He felt a little guilty for he can't love her back and that's how sure he was.

After dinner, Conner laid down first in the bed looking exhausted and closes his eyes. Christine went to bed right after she's done taking a shower but unable to sleep. She tried to give him a gentle shake and call him to check if he still awake but no response at all. He looks deeply asleep.

Once she sure he already asleep she then begins to talk to him softly. For her, this is the just only time she can express her true feelings towards him. But little she never know, Conner is not sleeping. He pretended to be and listening to her all ears.

"I--I know you know- how much I love you, Conner,... Y--you might not hear me saying those words to you because it's no sense at all because I know... I know I have no place in your heart because it was owned by her. I admit I get hurt.... but what else can I do? In the first place, I was the one who suggested this kind of set up we had right now. I never regretted this but the heartache and pain are weighing too strong to handle." she says softly in a cracking tone.

"I wanted---" she stopped when Conner's phone flashes atop of the bedside table. She took a glance at his phone and see  My love appears on the screen calling him. She then knows who it was.

Her heart hammered the moment she reads My love on the screen of his phone. Conner simply puts her name on his contact list which she understands why but she couldn't deny her feelings from the reality that she was hurt. Deeply hurt and jealous but chooses to be deaf, mute and blind and swallowed all the pain and heartache because she loves him. She loves him since the day she laid her eyes on him.

Time has passed, she still wide awake and unable to sleep. She tempted to grab Conner's phone. She wanted to see if he keep their photos during their wedding day, at least one photo. But to her dismayed and surprised as she found none except for Conner and Denise new pictures together looking so happy and sweet.

Her heart throbs faster. It was like crumbled into pieces especially the moment she saw a sex video of them. She let go of a long sigh. She hastily stood up brimming with tears. She covered her mouth not to create a noise to disturb him from sleeping. She runs towards the bathroom and accidentally drops the phone on a carpeted floor. She steps into the shower and slides the glass door.

She whimpered a cry. She talks quietly to herself. Comforting her own self but it didn't work anymore. She couldn't bear the heartache and pain she is carrying since the day they get married. Especially now seeing their sex video that crashes and smashes her heart apart.

She's sitting on the white tiled floor under the running water from the shower.

"Why are you so stubborn! You are so stupid!" she pointed her heart and punches it forcefully bursting with tears. She's blaming everything to her stupid heart.

A sudden strike of twinged penetrates through her uterus that causes her face winces for great pain. Then, a blood cames out from her and flowed along with the water. She startled seeing her own blood.

The pain is so great to handle and everything seems started to blur...

"Baby..... baby, I'm sorry. Just hold on for Mommy please...." she whispered as she rubs her stomach until all things became a total darkness and she left unconscious under the running water.


Conner awakens by the noise of a splatter of water coming from their bathroom. He thought that Christine is taking a shower since she is not beside him. But he notices how the shower continues running down over an hour now. He jolted on the bed and quickly move towards the bathroom. He swiftly slides open the glass door. In his aghast, he saw Christine stumbled on the tiled floor under the running water as a blood flows continuously.

"Christine! Oh God!" he uttered in panic. He quickly carried her in his arms. and settled her in his car. He went back to their bedroom to put on a shirt, short and a wallet and saw his phone laid on the carpeted floor. He grabs the phone and immediately concluded that she might saw the video. In a flash, he drove away as fast as he could through the nearest hospital in the area. He strongly scourges the steering wheel for anger. The anger of himself.

"Fuuuck!" he groans.

"This is all my fault!." he blames himself.


Christine is now in the emergency room. The doctor said there is only a small chance for her to survive.

"Please, Doc save my wife and our baby. Just do everything you can do to save them. Money is not a problem for me just do your best to save them both please." He begged. His face can't be drawn for an extreme anxiety and worries.

"We will do the best thing we can do Sir. Just calm down and don't forget to pray." He said as he entered again in the emergency room.

Conner sits on the bench and then up again tumultuously.

After 2 hours of waiting, the doctor went out of the emergency room and gladly informed Conner that his baby is out of danger.

"How's my--my wife?" he asks nervously.

The doctor face shifted into sadness and says,

"She is under observation for 24 hours if she didn't wake up she might not going to make it. Prayers can be a big help to her. Nothing is impossible for God." He turns and heads up through the other room.

His heart wrapped with total worries. He takes a pace back and forth in the alley of the hospital. The tensions, guilt, and regrets drifting him in a total forebode and sadness. This is the first time he felt so much scared to lose her.

His feet walks lamely on his own until he finds himself standing in front of the chapel. He entered the chapel and kneel down.

He prays earnestly, confesses and submitting everything to God. He begs and asks God to give Christine a second chance to live and he will fix all things right.

Tears of guilt and regret fall down on his cheeks as his body wraps in fear and sadness that made his quivers.

After his heartfelt prayer, he wipes his tears at the back of his palm and headed back to Christine's room.

He grabs a chair and sits beside her. He holds her hand until he fell asleep.


A gentle caress on his head, Conner wakes up. As soon as he fully opens his eyes an infinite gleam of happiness painted all over his face seeing Christine wide awake staring back at him. He stood up quickly and give her a soft kiss on her forehead which made the latter to confused.

" Oh, thank God, you're awake," he exclaimed with an inexpressible joy in his heart.

He calls the doctor and said she's safe and out of danger.

"C-Conner, our baby... how was he? worries lace across her face.

" No, worries honey, he is safe," he said caressing her hair.

"Christine... I'm so sorry. I know I've been an-- an asshole or an idiot to you but the moment I saw you stumbled on the tiled floor in the bathroom I was scared.... so scared of losing you." Tears lingering in the corner of his eyes

Christine left speechless as tears run down through her pillow looking at Conner who continuously expressing his feelings that touch her heart.

"I realized that... that the feelings I have for you that I keep ignoring is not just a gratitude or concerns but it's love that I keep denying myself. Not until I found you unconscious. I was terrified.... so afraid of losing you. Yes, I admit, Denise is my one great love that will live forever in my heart but you... you Christine is my present and my one true love that I will never let you slip away from me. I don't want to lose you. Just give me a chance to prove myself to you and be a good husband that you deserve. I want to correct my mistakes to you and to Denise. I will talk to her. I know this is not going to be easy but I'm determined to do what is right." he firmly said looking at her sobbing with happiness.

His phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out and see it's Denise calling him. He ignored the call and slide back in.

"I need to go to fix things right. I'll be right back, okay?" He said and tap a gentle kiss on her forehead and leave.

Minutes later, he arrived at the motel where Denise stays. As soon as he entered the room,  Her face dazzling with excitement. She tried to kiss him but Conner stops her.

Bafflement painted across Denise's face. She could feel his coldness towards her.

"I'm sorry Denise but we have to end this," he said looking at her who momentarily in shocked.

"W--what did you say?... A--are you breaking up with me?" she asks with a pain in her eyes.

"Yes," Conner answers briefly with heaviness covered over him. He could not dare to look Denise.

"As easy as that? How could you easily say that to me?.... and thrown me away? You vowed to me! we vowed together! did you forget that?! she yell with disappointment and anger lace across her face.

" I'm not throwing it all away... I'm just doing what I think is right," he said

Denise left shocked and tried to absorb what she just heard. Her heart prickled a thousand times. Bursting with tears as she pokes his chest as many times as she can with all her might. But he didn't stop her. He accepts all her punches if that could at least help lessen the pain and anger in her heart he doesn't mind until she gets tired.

"Why Conner! why?!... this is not what we had planned the other day... what happened? what made changed your mind?" she asks bursting with tears.

" I've waited for you... stays faithful and loyal to you with all these years I keep my vow to you... but what? what did I gain from you??? Nothing! just nothing but a heartache and pain." she sobs as Conner stays speechless gazing at her.

"How could you do this to me, Conner...?" Her face brimming with tears looking at him waiting for an answer.

He hugs her tight and she breakdown. She knows that this might be the last moment she could hug him. He let her sobs in his arms until she calms down.

"I'm really... really sorry Denise if I broke my vow to you. But things have changed which we cannot control especially when the time asks for it.... plays the role in it where we have no other option but to dive in it and now, the time has given me the chance to fix things right... and this is what I'm doing right now." he says with a hope she will understand the whole thing.

"You deserved someone better Denise. Better than me. I know... I know this is going to be tough for both of us but we have to chose what is best for us. I hope you'll understand. I appreciate all the things you have done for me. I treasured it and keep you forever in my heart as you are my one great love." they'd both shed with tears and hug her tight for one last time.

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