Social Media, Cyber Bullying, the Internet

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Submitted: April 25, 2018

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Submitted: April 25, 2018




Numerous mentalities ruled by the doctrine of the Internet

Is this principle considered a sure and safe bet

Social Media, Cyber Bullying, both portrayed on the Internet, combine all three makes an unrighteous social threat

For some, a means to communicate, yet, have never met

A thousand Likes for videos or going live fights

Posts of a cheating husband or wife

Hanging one’s self captured images, and then posted in broad daylight


Social groups to engage the festered rage

Everyone asking of you to Like their page

Incidents, Occurrences, life glimpsed through a portal of transferring wires

Sign up for Social Media, immediate sight accessed once required

Shares, Likes, Comments

It doesn’t matter to what or whose event

Nakedness of life caught on screen

More potent than wishful thinking or a wet daydream

Full exposure for all so it may seem


 Transmitting megabits daily worldwide

A quiet usage of a never ending highway of information, conceived at the fingertips in no time

Technology most required and accepted hardware tool

Keystrokes, touch screen, a voice command for the wise, the meek, and the fool

Are we better off than we were before

When receptive intentions in the past, humanly knocked on our doors


Conversations spoken face to face, enjoyed in good-hearted grace

Now, it’s about a screen chase

No emotions or Likes for anyone who takes a righteous stance

Vocabulary weakening the mind in an eye to monitor trance

No body-to-body dances

It’s all about keystrokes of non-physical romances

Visible screen shots, Skyping, Instagram 

Who you see in front of you is who I am

Without merit, hell, it could be a woman or a man


Incognito words typed in the dark

A spoken voice never to remark

Angry typing conversations going back and forth

Desire, Lust, displayed and then sent to import

In the past, flowers or a box of chocolates was given as a last resort

In the age of technology worldwide supported, behind its bitter use

Reducing the masses of minds, with lies, wagging tongues set loose

One send to all, your life is now on the line

Blinding wrath behind the whys

Fragile Emotions

Not an ounce founded of true devotion


 A bully’s followers helping to maliciously spread

Laugher, jeering behind backs, ridiculed from what everyone has now read

Now blackballed Social Media shunned

A ticking time bomb, a Facebook loaded gun

The weak minds now hung

Lies, betrayal, pictures, could no longer go on

Likes, Comments, and then without a shred of decency, Shared

Parents’ rite has not even grieved the absence of a child she one bared


Times of today are so cruel, unjust, and gregariously unkind

The Internet, a mental tease to enthrall the mind

Give power to the wicked, the thoughtless, and the emotional blind

Social Media has no tears to shed from its eyes

It does not care about the posts or the whys

Millions of users, so many lies


This is the three nuisances that have bothered me the most

As the writer and the narrative host

This is a wish list roast

Think about the words as you write

Never send anyone to their death, or stewing in anger when posting, it’s just not right

Guide your mind to that divine powers that be, lock that spiritually essence inside that sets you free

Remember this triple threat discussed can be used at times improperly


Poem Take From The Flow of My Heart To You, Book III

© Copyright 2018 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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