The Omega Event: Child's Innocence

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Axel's encounter with a mutant in the forest

Submitted: April 25, 2018

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Submitted: April 25, 2018



In the midst of a destroyed world, one not to long ago hit by several nuclear bombs, life still remained. In the form of the humans, and the mutants that wished to kill them. A single white flower was blowing in the breeze as it rested on the grass in a small forest clearing. A boy stood a few feet away digging through his backpack for some food.

The boy sat on the grey dead grass as the wind blew into his face. The sky above him looked dead and cloudless, even the sun looking a bit dull. The trees were all leafless and the buildings in the distance were wrecked.

He was only twelve years old, but he was on his own now. His girlfriend Julia was in the bathroom a few yards away and he went off to take watch. None of the monsters were nearby, or so he thought. He was sitting in the middle of a small clearing on a hill right outside the nearby destroyed city. Most of the mutants weren't smart enough to leave the city streets or dark buildings, so the outskirts and wilderness seemed safe.

The boy knelt down and noticed the small white flower growing. In a world of death, life still remained. He picked it out of the ground and placed it sticking out of his pocket to preserve its fragile life.

The boy's name was Axel and he wore a brown leather jacket and dark ripped blue jeans. He had brown hair that was in need of a haircut and wore a brown Indiana Jones-esque hat over that. But as he was about to head back to the bathroom to reunite with Julia, the leaves behind him crunched under a shadow's footstep.

He turned to see the monster emerge from behind a large oak tree. Its skin was grey and chipped and there was a large bloody gash on its shoulder. The monster's eyes were a glowing blood red and its teeth were sharper than my knife. It also was equipped with large shining claws on the tips of its fingers.

This was a mutant, the native creatures of this apocalyptic world. A single bite, cut or getting its blood mixed with yours would infect you. Once infected, you'd change into one of those.

Axel approached the mutant and drew his pocket knife his former guardian had given him. Axel approached it, but its hands grabbed onto his shoulders. But before he could stab his knife into its neck, it pushed him to the floor.

The monster laid on top of him, trying to rip into his chest. Axel pushed away from me in an attempt to stop it from sinking its teeth into his neck. His knife was in his hand, but if he even removed one hand from its body it'd kill him.

Fear began to fill his body as he realized he could die here and now. None of his kills ended like this, because his old group was always there to protect him. But now he was on my own, with only Julia to stand by his side. Now... he had to take care of himself.

He kicked the mutant off of him and its body fell into the pile of leaves nearby. Axel then got up and scampered away to his brown backpack. He knelt down at it as the mutant got back up and approached him. Axel then spun around and shot the mutant through the eye.

The body fell forward into the leaves and moved no more, leaving the brim of Axel's hat covered in blood. He stood back up, looking to the side to see a young girl watching him watching him, "was wondering when you'd kill it."

She wore a dark blue t-shirt with a small bloodstain on the waist, brown cargo shorts, and had a brown beanie over her long brown hair. Her eyes were brown and her smile perfect. Her outfit was complete with a knife and holster on her belt, a Glock resting in that holster.

"I was... I just had a little trouble."

"Sure sure... cmon let's go."

Julia took his hand and Axel blushed. They then walked down the field together hand in hand, leaving the mutated human's body to rot. 

When they came down the hill they were met with an old dirt path and a mud-stained red sports car. There was a large splatter of blood on the door, probably from hitting a mutant head on. 


Julia stepped back and drew her Glock as two more of the mutants stumbled up the path. Their walking patterns were weird. Some were as fast as a jogger, others seemed to be walking like a toddler. Axel assumed it was because of who they were before they mutated, but he could always be wrong.

He ran to the back seat to grab his M4-A1 assault rifle that was sitting on the black leather seats, but it was on the floor and too far to reach in time. Instead, he drew his own Glock. The two of them were a bit too close to the city, but if they got pressed the barrel against their bodies it'd muffle the sound.

"If I get stuck then shoot them!" Axel told Julia before charging at them both. He tackled one to the floor, pressed his gun to his neck and put a round into his neck. The other one came from behind and slashed at the boy, but he rolled away and switched to my knife.

Julia however aimed and took the shot, blowing its brains out onto the ground. Its body stood there for a second before falling off the side of the path and tumbling back down towards the city.

"Nice shot," Axel said before taking a drink of his water bottle, "Coty taught you well huh?"

"Yep... same to you," she complimented back to him.

The two then approached the car and Axel sat in the driver's seat while Julia sat in the driver's seat. She was a lifesaver, because, despite his skill of dispatching mutants, he sometimes picked fights with swarms even he couldn't take out.

The two of them buckled their seatbelts and Axel started the car up, but when he put his hand on the gearshift, she grabbed it. When he looked into her eyes she looked scared. Nervous maybe.

"What's wrong?"

"I saw something... when I was in the bathroom. Well not so much saw as I heard something... a voice."

Axel got out of the car and slammed the door behind her. She wouldn't rest until she knew what that voice was, so he would go check it out. It was less than a five-minute walk and he'd be able to go by himself without any trouble if he stayed in the shadows.

So he walked down the path and headed down towards the city. When he approached the border between the city streets and the dirt path to the outskirts his path was blocked by several cars. He simply climbed over them and spotted the public bathrooms she had gone to next to a Stuff-Mart.

The streets were clear, other than a few dead mutants in the center of the street. There were two of the infected banging on a store display window next to a knocked over black purse and a formerly blue but now red dress.

Axel ran towards the bathrooms and sure enough, when he pushed on the door, he heard a voice. A moan to be more accurate. Not one from a mutant though, but from someone living.

"Hello?" he exclaimed as the boy entered the dimly lit bathroom with his Glock being the one thing between living and being ripped apart. The entire bathroom was pretty grime filled and the cracked ceiling, shattered lightbulb, and corpse on the floor didn't help its case. He looked around the corner and saw several bloody footsteps leading towards a locked stall.

Slowly he approached the stall and noticed a bloody handprint over the side. He pushed the door open... and was met with a boy. He had dark brown hair, light blue eyes, and pale skin. He was lying on the closed toilet seat holding a bloodstained rag in his hand and some white bandages in his other. He was sweating profusely and breathing heavily.

"Are you okay? What's your name?" Axel asked the young boy with concern. 

But he simply shook his head and pulled up his blue t-shirt to reveal three single claw marks over his waist. He was a dying man, or in this case, an infected one that would soon mutate into one of those things. He could see his veins turning a glowing purple and his eyes looking bloodshot.

There was no way to save him. If you severed a limb there was a chance, but only if it was less then an hour after having the infected's bloody, skin or any part of it getting into contact with your blood.

He was shaking and holding his hands over his stomach where the wound was. The short-term symptoms you got seemed bad but he didn't know them all. All he knew why the physical changes right before the full mutation but he seemed to have an upset stomach.

"What's your name?" Axel asked the boy once again. His voice was raspy and he was crying, but he managed to mutter out an answer.


He began to press the bandages against the wound. Blood was still pouring out despite the wound probably being hours old. But then his condition worsened and tears of blood began to trickle from the corners of his big blue eyes. A few seconds later, a line of blood dripped out of his mouth.

"You're gonna be okay," Axel lied to the boy.

"I-I..... I want my mom," he muttered raspily as even more blood began to streak down his bloodshot eyes like tears.

"You'll see her soon okay... I'll take you to her okay?"

"Thank you... can you take me now?" he asked as his blue eyes became red and the purple veins began to shoot up his neck and cracks began to appear on his skin.

"Sure... sure... is there anything else you need before that?"

"Maybe... can I... know your name?" he asked. His skin began to turn pale and grey and sharp claws were forming at his fingertips. 

"Sure buddy. I'm Axel."

"Thanks, Axel," he asked as he took his final breaths as a human. His hair was beginning to fade and turn grey and his teeth were becoming sharp and chattery.

"No problem Reece."

Axel moved my Glock up his body as his entire body began to shake. He put the barrel on the side of his head as he gave a final smile and closed his eyes. Axel's finger moved to the trigger... and finally, he pressed down.


His head fell to the side and he moved no more.


"Are you okay?"

Julia stood behind Axel as they stood in the small clearing, holding a shovel in my hand. In front of me was a pile of dirt covering the hole he had dug and the body inside. He had tied two sticks together with some string and placed the cross right at the end of the grave.

He patted down the pile of dirt with the shovel before writing the boy's name with his finger. He then stabbed the shovel into the ground and reached down into his pocket. He removed a small white flower and he stared at its pale petals before planting it into the dirt grave.

Axel turned around and grabbed Julia's hand. The two walked back to the car and as the dead leaves crunched under their feet, he answered her question.



Axel's Story Continues in The Omega Event 2: Fear the Zions...

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