Forever Love

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A short story about growing old with the one you love. Hope you enjoy.

Submitted: April 25, 2018

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Submitted: April 25, 2018



It has been a long ten years to the day since I returned to my childhood home of Greenhave, but it was time. I pulled off to the side of the road, parked and sat in my car contemplating my decision to return. The place had not changed in the slightest, the houses were still old looking, This was where I was born, where my parents’ lived and died, there were so many memories floating around inside of my head, some good and sadly, some not so good. 

Stepping out of the car, I walked to the boot and pulled out a small basket and blanket then stood to take in the fresh air, I could hear the old church bells ringing in the distance. I remember my parents dragging me to church every Sunday even though they were not religious, they just liked to catch up with friends and sip tea after the service. 

Walking down the street, I came to a sudden stop when I saw a glimpse of the school in the distance, where I spent five years of my life getting into trouble, trying to get out of detentions that I deserved to be in. My old friends, sadly most have passed away over the years, the memories came flooding back like it was yesterday. The ice cream shop we used to meet at on Saturdays, the cinema we used to go to and frighten ourselves with the scary films and park where we would swing our way nearer and nearer to the clouds above our heads. 

Walking on further, I looked towards my left and, there it was, the large, over grown blossom tree, standing high up on top of the hill in the distance, the pink blossom being blown into the air to make homes in other towns. My heart felt heavy, legs felt weak, I was seventy years old now and walking was quite a bit of a chore but, today, I was determined to make it to the top of that hill, to get to where I desperately needed to go, the place I promised to always return to.

Taking a deep breath, I began to put one foot after another, speaking the usual pleasantries to the locals as I walked past but not stopping to strike up any conversation. My breathing was getting heavier but I moved on slowly and with determination.

Half way up the hill, I needed to stop and take a breath, when I was younger, the hill was so much easier to climb, I had so much more energy and more spring in my step. Soon, I was at the top and the view was so amazing, more than I remembered in my childhood years, my first love sprung to my mind, the day we met at school, the bond we had, the plans that we had made as we sat, hand in hand under this tree. Most, if not all, our plans and dreams had come true, the three beautiful children we had, the little house in the country we grew old in.

Gently placing the blanket down on the ground, I took a seat and looked around, a gentle breeze came up and softly caressed my face, I knew straight away that it was Peter, my love, my life.

“Hello Peter, I promised you that one day I would be back to see you, I know that it has been a long time but, I just could not find the courage and heart to come back. I miss you so much, life has not been the same since I lost you ten years ago. But, I am back now love. When I scattered your ashes here, I knew that you would be ever so grateful, because I did the one thing that you asked me to do. I fulfilled your wishes, but the other, no. I could never love anyone the way I loved you and I still love you. You promised me, that you would wait for me, and well, here I am love.”

 I laid my back against the tree and took a deep breath. The time had come for me to once again reunite with the man I fell in love with all those years ago. We were always meant to be together and now, closing my eyes, I slowly drifted into an endless sleep, my heart slowing, a smile on my face. 
Wait for me love, I am on my way. 

The End


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