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You make me feel nervous ...

Submitted: April 25, 2018

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Submitted: April 25, 2018



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Yes, you make me nervous…

But it’s hard to explain

Whenever I’m around you

I just don’t feel the same



My hands start to sweat

And I find it hard to relax

Thoughts of love run through my mind

And other random facts



But I also fight against myself

I’ve been hurt before

A tug of war with my past

Becomes my inner chore



I know that I want to love you

But afraid to open up

I know I want to kiss you too

But know that love is rough



What if you leave like all the rest?

What makes you any different?

Will you swim when tides are hard?

Or flow with the current?



Most people flow with the current

They leave when they have the chance

My hearts not yet healed, I’m still insecure

But I want to take the chance



So you want to know why I’m nervous

I’m nervous cause I’m still afraid

To invest trust, then lose a love

And suffer through the cycle again…



– K.S. Fort



From, “Everything : Creative Chaos ”


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