Spiritual Path and the Meaning of Obstacle

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A spiritual perspective of creating reality through choice when meeting an obstacle.

Submitted: April 25, 2018

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Submitted: April 25, 2018



Within a certain perspective which has been touted as a part of natural human existence, when an obstacle is met upon an individuals path, a person is not to be detered by it and must try again to overcome what is hindering their 'course.'

But what is the correct course? For instance, consider a man on his path who comes to a high mountain which is blocking his straight forward way. Stopping before it he must decide what to do, it is a crossroad where a decision must be made.

In the 'I will not be conquered by what is before me' attitude which is so pervasive among mankind, the man considers either to climb the mountain, which could be a dangerous venture, or to blast his way through it. These type of actions are of 'determined will' that which has become ingrained as part of reality throughout human history, bringing forth a world which may not be what is best for people or the earth.

Consider instead a man, the same man, coming to the crossroad met at the foot of the mountain, and there in a space of reflection he meets changing opinion within himself. Making the decision, he turns right or left in a choice which is always given. Becoming a different man, he stays upon a path of continuance and thoughtful in the moment.

What reality does he create when he choses to let the obstacle 'win'? He changes his future through a much more passive attitude and it becomes one of acceptance, place and peace.

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