Leonardo encoded the secret of V8 in the Mona Lisa & the Last Supper....

When one views the Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci, it cannot help but be noticed that the figure immediately to the right of the religious character known as Jesus is distinctly effeminate in appearance.  As I understand it, Christians argue vehemently that the so-called Last Supper (also known as the Lord’s Supper) had in attendance only Jesus and the twelve apostles or disciples.  Christians refuse to believe that a woman is sitting beside the so-called Savior, which would also beg the question where was the other disciple?  Why would the most celebrated painter and artist of all human history deliberately knowingly paint the figure of a woman in this iconic mural?

As far as I know, I am the first to discover what I call the V8 Secret Code, which is the mystical expedient through which I experienced the profound shocking revelation that Leonardo encoded V8 into what are arguably the two most famous paintings on this planet.  The Mayan almanac or calendar directly links the V8 Secret Code to the alleged Kennedy assassination.

President Kennedy was also known as Jack.  His wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, was also known as Jackie.  It is an indisputable fact that there are 11 letters in “Dealey Plaza” where the faked death of Kennedy was perpetrated.  This suspicious publicity stunt occurred during November which is month 11 of the year.  The Eleventh Federal Reserve District is headquartered in Dallas where the fake assassination transpired.  The Eleventh Federal Reserve District includes the number 11 on its official seal along with the letter ‘K’ because K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet.  The name Kennedy begins with the letter ‘K’.  Leonardo was from the town of Vinci.  Leonardo is allegedly the illegitimate son of a married aristocrat who had an illicit love affair with a chamber maid, so that Leonardo could not (according to the custom of the era) be given his father’s surname.  In such situations, the person was given the name of their hometown as a surname, so that Leonardo’s name translates as “Leonardo from Vinci”.

It is asserted by many that the person sitting to the right of Jesus in the Last Supper painting is none other than Mary Magdalene, who is rumored to be either a prostitute turned devoutly religious or the wife of Jesus.

Mary Magdalene didn’t have a family surname, either.  Her surname comes from the name of her hometown, Magdala.  In the name Mary Magdalene there are 13 letters, yet if we write Mary Magdala, there are exactly 11 letters in her name.  When we write Leonardo Vinci we see there are 11 letters in the name.  When we write John Baptist we see there are 11 letters in the name.  There are 11 letters in Lord’s Supper. There are 11 letters in the name Jesus Christ. There are 11 letters in the name Jack Kennedy.  There are 11 letters in the name John Kennedy.  There are 11 letters in the name Donald Trump.

Some say John the Baptist was sitting beside Jesus at the Last Supper; others say it was Mary Magdalene.  In the name Mary Magdalene there are 13 letters.  In the name Jackie Kennedy there are 13 letters.

According to official history, Jackie Kennedy died in 1994 at age 64.  94-64 = 30.  There are 30 days in November, the month of the alleged Kennedy assassination.

Submitted: April 25, 2018

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