This piece is a confession of one's love to their significant other



Dear you,


I sit around most days daydreaming of the endless memories.

At night i lay awake imaging what my world would be like with someone as special as you.

I imagine love and how people wish to have something so true.

I get wrapped in my thoughts of us, of me and you,

our life the way it ought to be.

Captivated by the way your heartbeat coincides with mine and in that moment I love you in and out of time.

They say I’m too young to know love,

how I don’t know that love could be blind,

although that my be true but my truth has yet to find something so beautiful like how our love could never be defined not hidden but magnified your

 love so pure for me you are who God designed me to be with.

A bond so strong, I could write a whole love song  for the whole world to hear that you are mine.



Submitted: April 26, 2018

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