Mutants vs Zombies

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STORY: It's been i don't know how many years since the world above the surface seemed to have ended. World War 3 finally broke out and the power houses of the world dropped there nuclear weapons on
each other along with countless other bombs that caused the natural environments to die off and make the air poisinness to all forms of life as we knew. In the mist of all the blood and smoke
however emerged a new species from the planet earth, fucking zombies. Slow, mechanical ,mindless walking flesh eaters. Since were the only ones to have survived (as far as we know) there's still
some debate as to if they would eat other kinds of meat. We survived by building a giant underground community that's able to siphon fresh clean water from deep within the earths surface and
stocking up on warehouse-full amounts of MRE's. Artificial sunlight and soil we got before the blasts allow us to grow small amounts of fresh crops as well. Along with that we got all the t.v.,
books, board games, sex, guns and bourbon and exercise machines to keep us entertained for decades. Problem is, Human Beings were not meant to live underground. Without real sunlight or fresh air
or green grass with the blue skies some people just couldn't cope with living like this for decades on the chance we MIGHT be able to retake the surface, only to fight another problem, the fucking
zombies. Some people went mad and started killing themselves, in a few cases they killed others first 'for their own good'. Those numbers have been steadily rising in the last few years and the
community moral level is lower than it's ever been, if we don't do something now we'll end up killing each other before those deadheads get the chance to finish their planet filled meal. It didn't
take much time to realize that we couldn't take on the world menace with so few bullets and manpower and setting off any more bombs was just about the worst possible idea at the time, we had to
make a drastic measure and risk our lives and humanity because that's what was always on the line with zombies anyway. With the use of our best scientists and doctors and engineers, we use human
experimentation to unlock parts of our brain long thought useless. Hundreds died in the experiments with only a handful of survivers that possess amazing (and some not so amazing) powers in their
brain and mutations in their body. Telekinesis, elastic skin, smoke emitting sweat pores are just a few, with all the sacrifice and training to use these gifts properly the time has finally come
for the newly genetic human race to take back the surface.

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Jamal Jabar

Explosions and smoke and screams from all directions fill the air thick, people running around trying to get the injured back or trying t... Read Chapter