Lost In The Moment

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I knew Mum wasn’t dead. I knew it all along. But I just couldn’t shake the feeling that she was somehow disappointed in me. That I could’ve prevented this. I ran to my room, slipping on the tile and grabbed my laptop. This is all just a dream. I exhaled slowly. Then, a little blue icon popped up on my screen. I clicked it.

 Everyone else is sleeping- Is anyone here?

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Everyone else is sleeping- Is anyone here?


B: What’s going on...Levi... Was this you?

L: No. But whoever did this was a fucking genius.

LU: Oh my god, it was you! Levi, how could you?

L: You honestly think I did this? I’m clever, but not this clever.

B: I don’t think this is funny.

L: Well, I do.

B: You don’t count. You laughed once during a funeral because you were thinking about a meme you saw on Tumblr.

Adley: I don’t know what’s going on.

L: A new recruit! *Everyone cheers*

B: Welcome- Adley. Listen, Levi, if this really wasn’t you, then this is serious.

L: She’s really cute.

B: What are you talking about?

L: I looked at Adley’s profile. She’s hot.

Adley: I don’t know you.

B: For God’s sake. I’m sorry, Adley. He’s an idiot.

L: What I lack in common sense, I make up for in humor.

(?? ????)

LU: I’m actually afraid. Look, I’m sorry for being a bother or anything like that... But... Is this all a prank?

L: I certainly hope not. Do you know how many Krispy Kremes I’ve robbed in the last hour?

B: You didn’t. . .

L: I did.

B: Idiot.

Adley: Why would you rob a store? Wouldn’t you get in trouble for that?

B: I’m guessing you don’t understand what’s happening.


B: Shut up, Levi. It’s not the apocalypse. Everyone is asleep.

LU: Personally, I think it’s all just a prank.

B: Yes. A prank that seven billion fucking people are in on.

L: You have no idea what people would do for memes these days.

LU: . . .

Adley: Lu. . . Who do you live with..? I mean, who isn’t waking up in your house?

LU: My mom, my dad, my dogs. I’M REALLY SCARED, GUYS.

L: Don’t worry.

Adley: Don’t worry? She just said her mom and her dad and her dogs are all not waking up. Why is no one else worried? Look. I’m trying. . . I’m trying to understand the situation.

L: She?

Adley: LU!

L: That’s a he.

Adley: Oh. . . Sorry, Lu. I just thought that you were a girl because of how you talk.

L: Yeah. He talks like a girl.

B: What’s that supposed to mean?

No One is Online

Adley, L, B, and LU all joined the chatroom.

Adley: I’m assuming you’re all friends.

L: Online. Yeah. We’ve never officially met each other.

B: I don’t know why everyone isn’t worried about our current situation.

L: Look, Love. We’re all worried. You’re just very open about it.

LU: I’m worried too. I mean- I really don’t want my dogs to die.

L: Yeah. They’ll probably starve to death if they don’t wake up soon.


B: Shut up, Levi. Lu, that won’t happen. I promise we’re going to figure out what this is.


L: Yep~

B: NOOOOOO. Holy crap.

L: First of all, why aren’t you worried about your parents?


Adley: I know I just arrived, and I don’t know you guys, but I think we should sleep on it. If our families don’t wake up tomorrow, then we should meet.

B: No way in hell. Adley. Just because you’re one of the “chosen ones” it doesn’t mean you run this place. And plus, I’m 78% sure that Levi is a 96 year old pedophile.

L: Why just me? For all I know, you could be a crazy psycho killer.

B left the chat room.

L: Lol she left.

Adley: Fine. I just think that we might as well. We’ve got nothing else to lose.

L: *Thumbs up*

L left the chat room.

LU: Thank you very much, Adley. I mean that.

Adley: No problem.

LU: :D

LU left the chat room.

Adley left the chat room.


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