The Rainy Day

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This is a short story written for: Just Write Contest by AnarchyBlues

Submitted: April 25, 2018

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Submitted: April 25, 2018






She looks out the windows of the front of the store that she works at. Seeing dark clouds in the sky a frown finds its way on to her face. She grimaces at every crack and boom. The rain is pouring, gushing, and flooding the parking lot with wetness.

People scurry in covered from head to toe. Grateful for the warm building she is in but unhappy because she's still at work. She looks at the clock and then back at the havoc happening outdoors. She is grateful for her intuition to bring her umbrella inside with her. It is tucked away in her locker in the break-room. A flash of thunder and lighting remind her of the anxiety that she was feeling just moments ago. It won't be too long before she has to brave the awful weather.

Maybe it won't be too bad, she thinks to herself, someone did say it wasn't suppose to last too long. That gave her a little hope because she did not want to drive in the stormy weather. Time ticks by slowly but finally it times to leave. She breathes a sigh of relief as she goes upstairs with a manager to count her draw. The counting of the cash and change doesn't take too long only about fifteen minutes.

She goes back downstairs, clocks out, and goes to the break-room to grab her items. Which include purse, jacket, lunchbox, and umbrella. After that she heads to the front for a bag check and looks outside. The sun is in the sky and the clouds are white and wispy. She feels a smile coming to her face as she walks out outside with puddles to the left and right of her. She enters her small and tan vehicle and drives home. She can't wait until she can get home and relax. 


Word count: 309



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