The Revenge from the Forgotten Sect

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's a fantasy book that I'm creating it was my first try hope you guys like it

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Submitted: April 26, 2018

Living in the Captic continent, There are 3 types of great martial arts that is being leaned by cultivators residing and fighting for the... Read Chapter

Birth of Hope

Submitted: April 27, 2018

After the Blood Lotus sect has been wiped out in the whole Captic continent, 10 years have passed a srange light appeared in the old land... Read Chapter

Mythical Beast Forest

Submitted: April 27, 2018

After a few days of losing consciousness, Josei wake up with an unfamiliar scent. He slowly opened his eyes and was surprised about what ... Read Chapter

The True Identity of the Shadow

Submitted: April 28, 2018

While scared to death, The shadow slowly going towards Josei slowly reveal it's identity. The humongous body become a 3-headed jade-eyes ... Read Chapter