The Walking Dead Just Keep Surviving

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It had been days since the world had changed.

All they knew that it would be days before they could change.

Table of Contents

The road far traveled

This story takes place in the beginning of the zombie apocalypse from AMC's The Walking Dead. Give or take a few weeks since the world had changed. I love the tv show itself, but I have always
said, what about the other stories not told? So I thought I would write a bit of fan theory fiction myself. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have writing it.
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Borrowed time

Chapter 2 Ever since the bite, Daniel and Katheryn had been buying their time for as long as they possibly could until the fever took... Read Chapter

Time and time again

CHAPTER 3 Danny was scared out of his mind.    What was he to do?   His hands were tied. Katheryn was ... Read Chapter

The long journey home

  CHAPTER 4   Time had passed and Danny had fallen restless.    Katheryn did her best to carry hi... Read Chapter

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