Chapter 1: Intro in the World

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Intia is a world far different compared to the Human world. I say worlds, but they are more like realms as Intian’s and Humans live on the same world, just on different planes. Intian’s and Humans cannot live in the same space for too long. The only reason Intian’s travel to the Human realm is to feed, Intian creatures like vampires, wendigos, and sirens usually spend quite a bit of time in the Human realm.

All of the creatures that Humans have created live here in Intia. Mermaids, fairies, witches, trolls, goblins, griffins, angels, demons, etc., etc. They all live here. It’s an interesting process as to how these creatures came to live in Intia.

Intia doesn’t create her own beings (well, technically she does. They are just mild, almost insignificant beings, like insects or things like dogs or cats in the Human world), she takes the being from the imagination of a Human. She takes that and brings it here and a holds onto it. When enough Humans think of that creature, or enough believe it is real, then life is brought into it and it lives its life here. For every Human that thinks/believes in that creature, a single one of that creature is “born”. After enough of the creatures are “born”, they can reproduce on their own without the need of Human thoughts.

This is how creatures in Intia came to be.

I bet it was odd at the time. Vast, empty lands for as far as the eye could see, suddenly filling with different creatures almost over night.

Interspecies relationships are very common. No one has ever had a problem with a vampire and fairy bonding and mating, mainly because it increases the gene pools here in Intia. Also because interspecies mating can birth new species. Species that most Humans wouldn’t think would ever exist. Vampire/fairy, banshee/wendigo, witch/siren, vampire/mermaid, etc. They are considered second generation, while “purebloods” are the first. A pure fairy or mermaid, who only have fairy or mermaid blood in their veins. Creatures that have a multi ancestry, generally more than two different species in their blood, (a fairy, vampire, and siren for example) are the third generation.

Me? I’m a first generation fairy, born from two first generation fairies. Or so I’ve been told.

The very first fairies were born from giant flowers in the center of what is now the Land of the Fairies. We are usually very dark-skinned, as we spend our days out in the blazing sun. Our hair takes on the color of the flower petals we were born in, my hair a reddish-purple  mulberry and my eyes a lighter pink color that practically glow. Though, those are technically a mix from my parents.

I’m about average height and weight for a fairy. I believe I come to about 5’5 in terms of Human height, and about 180 lbs. in human weight. Fairies can often pass for Humans fairly easily, except for a few key body parts.

Fairies have three things that humans don’t. First and foremost, we obviously have wings. They vary in sizes and can be compared to insect wings in the Human realm, I actually didn’t know much about Human insects until Grandpop showed me pictures. Fairy wings can range from bumble bee, butterfly, dragonfly, etc. Wings are very fragile, but strong. They have to be to support our weight.

The designs on individual wings show different intricate patterns. The patterns are unique to each fairy. Like prints are for humans. The thing about wings, are that not all fairies have them. Grandpop isn’t sure why some fairies don’t have wings, he has a theory that all fairies do have them, but the gene is either dominant or not. If the gene is dominant, then the wings will grow. If not, then the wings will never grow.

Now, it’s rare for fairies to be born without wings. No one really understands why it happens, just that it does. It probably doesn’t help that Intia isn’t medically advanced, we don’t have any sort of technology either - at least not like Humans, so we have no way to discover what causes winglessness and how to prevent it (which kind of tells you something about the fairy mindset).

I wasn’t born with wings.

However, I do have the other two parts that make a fairy a fairy. Pointed ears and a tail. Fairies have slightly pointed ears, not as pointed as vampire ears, but noticeable enough. Fairy hearing is very sensitive, we can hear the smallest things. Because of this, fairies tend to be soft spoken, as to not irritate our own ears and others.

Fairy tails vary in length, the average length usually coming to the backs of our knees. They are fur/hairless, just our skin, and fairly thick around. I would say they are about the width of the index and middle finger. Sometimes, one could easily see the ridges on the spin of the tail. However, this isn’t really seen as attractive.

Our tails don’t really have a use. Sure, they can help carry some small baskets and buckets. We don’t use them for balance, like most animals do in the Human realm, and they don’t offer any sort of protection. If anything,, our tail provide extra vulnerability.

I’ve been told that apparently Humans had tails at one point, too, however, the Humans started to evolve without their tails. Now, while they still have their tail bones they don’t have tails, which doesn’t make the most sense to me.

Fairies who have traveled to the Human realm have been confused for Humans, which most fairies take quite a bit of offense to. Humans are seen as unpredictable, violent creatures. One minute you could be having a pleasant conversation, then you’re raising voices, then you’re fighting. Fairies consider themselves peaceful and passive; we talk out our problems and issues. I suppose, most consider themselves above it, above fighting and above Humans.

Fighting is looked down upon between fairies. Except for when a fairy is different, apparently. Fairies tend to be very narrow minded and don’t like change or anything that is different. So when a fairy is born without wings, their kin can be quite cruel. They don’t understand how a fairy can be considered a fairy without wings, as that is a huge part of being a fairy.

There is no way of knowing, when a fairy is born, whether or not they will grow their wings. As it turns out, there is a one in a thousand chance (to coin a Human phrase) that a fairy is wingless. It’s not genetic, as both of my parents apparently had wings and  were born of the flowers, so there was no reason for me not to have wings. Because of my wing situation, the village witch doctor, who prefers to be called Grandpops, has taken me in for study. I have become sort of his pet project. He believes that he can create a potion to active the genes in me to grow wings.

He believes that I still have a chance of growing wings.

I don’t really care at this point whether or not I grow wings or not. Because of the fact I don’t have wings, I was able to meet Bayou.


Submitted: April 26, 2018

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