The New Girl

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Hella “Ella” Rite moved schools to keep her secret from getting out anymore.

Ella was a loser, pegged as a stoner on her first day at her new school, just because she was talking to the intriging, dark Ryder Black.

She cannot seem to make any friends because of the stupid lables. And because of her name. And being her friend would ‘sobotoge’ you're reputation, according to Janie Greene, the school’s queen

She starts to feel more depressed everyday, until one day one of the school’s football players comes and sits next to her at lunch.

Normally a hot ball player would make her happy, but this is not just a ball player, it's Jaydean Greene, Janie’s brother, which only brings her more trouble.

She gets closer to Jaydean after about a month, then Ryder shows back up into her life, and mixes it all around again by telling her than Jaydean is not who he seems, that he is not a good person,
than Ella is gonna get hurt.

She does not know if she should belive him, because he is the reason that she was in this whole mess in the first place, so she ignores it, and continues to stay with Jayden. What happens? Who does
she end up with?

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Submitted: April 26, 2018

Okay I am working on Chapter one now, but first, I want to know what you guess who are reading thi thought about the blurb. Please... Read Chapter