A Battle of Two Foes

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Submitted: April 26, 2018

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Submitted: April 26, 2018



A never ending battle

Between two foes

Both undefeatable

Both bigger than any other

Both capable of immense damage

Over the mind I call my own


Two foes

Fighting for the right

To destroy me

An endless tug-of-war game

The prize being the end of me


One takes the title of anxiety

But is known in many different forms

Vowing to cut me off from the world

By filling me with fear and worry

Hoping only to drive me to insanity


The other titled depression

Priding itself on killing my hopes

Vowing to cut me off from myself

By making me feel worthless

Hoping to drive me to self-hate


Crying, begging with both

To just make some compromise

A deal with two devils

In hopes of lessening their pain

Neither will have mercy

Neither will make a truce

Neither will defeat each other

Nor will they be defeated by any other


Little do they know

By clawing, scratching

At each other to get in my head

They destroy me in the process

Symbiotically they unnerve me

Together they annihilate me

They simply don’t realize

How well they work together

How well they bring me to an end


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