The Clumsy Bride

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A beautiful but clumsy princess is searching for her prince.

The Clumsy Bride

Once there was a beautiful Princess, the most beautiful Princess in all the land. No one could deny it, not a single one.

Her flawless complexion complementing her sculpted silhouette. Her long black hair cascading down her slender back.

She was absolutely perfect except for her clumsiness. It overshadowed her loveliness which made it hard for her to find her true love.

She would trip over all the time. She would stumble regularly. She would knock everything over. And she had no power to prevent it. It was a source of great pain and strive. She would often cry alone in her room at night.

One day, she was engaged to be wed to an equally handsome and an equally clumsy Prince. However, unlike the Princess, no one knew about his clumsiness because he knew a secret. A secret he vowed he only tell to one person. His one true love.

They met and the Prince dismounted his perfect and gallant white stallion and tripped, the Princess noticed but no one else did as he cart wheeled and swooped his hand over a nearby flower bed and knelt at her feet. Presenting her with the marvellous bouquet and smiled, For you my Princess.

How did you do that? she asked taking the flowers.

Do what? he asked acting oblivious as he stood up revealing his majestically poised frame.

She sighed, Nothing. Shall we go inside? she lead him in but tripped on the steps she fell and hit the floor. She heard the people snickering and tears swelled in her eyes.

She stood up to run away from those who were ridiculing her. When the Prince grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into a hug.

He wrapped his arms around her and stroked the back of her head sweetly, Dont let them see your tears. They are not worth your tears. she found it impossible to keep crying in his warm embrace.

He pushed her off him, Let me tell you a secret. A secret I vowed to only tell one person.

What is it? asked the Princess.

You can make clumsy mistake look like it was planned. he explained.

But how? she asked.

You act like you meant to do it. he explained, I tripped getting off my horse, but I gathered you some flowers and presented them to you. If you trip over, do a cartwheel to get back to your feet. If you knock something over, catch it and juggle it. And if you break something, fix it and make it better than before.

The Prince smiled, And smile. A smile can turn a thousand doubters into loyal supporters.

The Princess smiled but tripped as she went to leave, so she threw herself into his awaiting grasp and kissed him, That is the best advise I have ever heard in my life.

You’re clumsy. But you are beautiful. So be beautifully clumsy for the rest of your days. he smiled.

THE END (500 Words)

Submitted: April 26, 2018

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Joy Shaw

Very cute. There relationship reminds me of the Princess Bride. Sweet ending too.

Fri, April 27th, 2018 2:01am

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