Too Many

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Too many words to leave unspoken. I am sure domestic voilence is silenced among other things so it's time to speak up . Whether it be mentally, physically,emotionally or spiritually, voilence is
volience and there's no sugar coating abuse.

Too many

Too many wounds to your already shattered heart, Too many empty promises,your favorite, we will never part. Too many unnecessary lies and pain, So much hurt, yourself,you can not even maintain. Too many wounds to your already wounded flesh, Too many empty promises and false hope do not mesh. Too many unnecessary worries and rules too, Too many strings attached to your body always showing you what to do. Too much fear, too much care, Too much hatred and secrets you won't share. How much will become too much until you leave? You are stronger than this, PLEASE GO you are not this naive!

Submitted: April 26, 2018

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