God and the Devil the Forever Quandary

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The god dominant religions such Christianity and Islam always gloss over the fact of the devil as they admit to his existence...

So, the 'GOD' of all brought forth perfction within his creation, for he is perfect. His followers, those of whatever god dominant religion someone might chose to embrace, praise him, worship him and pray to him.

When do they ever consider in the course of their faith, though the books they quote from, the Devil and his existence? He is written of within those texts.

The simple spiritual logic of an omnipotent God who brought forth all in existence, would mean he concieved of the Devil as well.

So, we consider the 'free will' of man when it comes to the 'evil' one known as Satan. Even then, there is found a flawed god, for if we as humanity brought forth evil without his knowledge or consent, his power over all is far less than is touted by his followers. Either way, HE is lessened, though logic and truth.

Submitted: April 27, 2018

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