Hook, line, and sinker

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Hate can only come from what once was love.

I was a little fish from a big lake
Floundering out in the ocean

You were a big fish in a little pond
Confident you could conquer the sea

You threw out your line 
And brought me in
So distracted by the bait
I ignored the hook in my side

Swallowed by your school of friends
I was just one of many 
The light reflecting off of you
Blinded me from the shark following

Everything you needed I gave instantly
Your attention was all that it took
I thought your approval would boost me up
But when you are hiding in the shadow
It doesn’t matter how close you get to the light

You tore me apart and threw me out
Just bait to lure another in
Now I watch from the bottom
As you dive straight off the edge
Of your shallow reef

If only you knew how to swim

Submitted: April 27, 2018

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