The Revenge Of One Man 1

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The DPO then turned around and faced the window again as he still mourned the dead senator.

His door then opened and closed again.

“I said you can leave me will …” The DPO swirled his chair and stopped short when he saw a strange man smiling at him.

“Hello DPO. I came to send you to where you will never return”

The DPO instantly became scared, as he knew the meaning behind the spoken words.

“You killed Senator Musa”

“Yes and that truth will die with you because you are going to where he is”

The police officer who had reached the ground floor suddenly remembered a message he was to tell the DPO. He instantly rushed upstairs.

The killer instantly shot the DPO thrice and when he heard footsteps, he leaped on the DPO’s table, leaped high again to open the open able ceiling, and opened it before leaping again and the
moment he closed it, the officer opened the door.

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Submitted: April 26, 2018

A red car drove from the main road into the hotel’s pavement and packed in the parking lot of the hotel. “Mr. Senator, I hope that yo... Read Chapter

Chapter One

Submitted: April 26, 2018

The beautiful ‘Margat’ hotel had already been flooded by the reporters in Lagos and by onlookers that morning. The Lagos Police depar... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Submitted: April 26, 2018

“It must have been that the killer came in earlier and remained in the hallway or even paid for a room close to the senator’s room. T... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Submitted: April 26, 2018

Charles looked at the dead man and shook his head and as usual, Martin was interrogating the witness. “What really happened?” “I we... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Submitted: April 26, 2018

The handsome young man slept on his bed below his covers with Bella, who was also sleeping naked. The handsome young man awoke while lyin... Read Chapter

Authors note

Submitted: April 26, 2018

hi guys, the story has 4 chapter remaining but if you enjoy the story so far then check the rest out in the link below http://okadabooks.... Read Chapter

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