The Essence of Villainy

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It is time for the final battle. The Dark Lord and his enemy clash on a field before Castle Darkstead. Landscape-altering spells are wrought, and one of the combatants realizes a lack of
preparedness for the fight: a forbidden spell is brought to bear and reality shifts.

Stuck in another world, Dark Lord Gustav has to find that which he has lost: his capacity for battle. But stuck in the middle of wherever, how can he ever hope to rise again? And what if the battle
isn't actually over yet?

Table of Contents

Prologue (1)

Where everything begins...
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Prologue (2)

I fixed the broken sentences. Apparently, the copy-paste function hadn't worked as intended....
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Chapter 1: In the middle of wherever (1)

The monk looked incredulously at the lady lying prostrate before them. It wasn't every day that your religious ceremonies were cu... Read Chapter

Chapter 1: In the middle of wherever (2)

Gustav's back was wet with moisture, and the smell of manure ailed his nostrils. The Dark Lord rubbed his eyelids, a small tinge of pain ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2: Smithing trouble (1)

Gustav massaged his reddened fingers that had scraped against the washing vat one too many times. I swear, he thought, the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2: Smithing trouble (2)

Allen moused down the marble hallway with a dread trepidation. It was late noon now, and Allen's duties were pressing upon him with a c... Read Chapter