Stop Crashing Down

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New life began on the uncertainty of another's survival.

Submitted: April 27, 2018

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Submitted: April 27, 2018



The sand wasn't even eking out of the glass, each grain was hanging in the air as if some force was holding it back. Although it fell so slowly each grain resounded with a great clanging as if the very ground it had experienced an earth quake. She watched the grains fall jolted as each one shook her universe. What had she been thinking to let him go out so late at night alone. He was still so small his little feet so tiny in her hands when she washed them. How she hated her husband who had abandoned his family at the pinnacle of winter to pursue his dream.


As a grain fell the pain tore through her abdomen making her scream and twist the sheets almost wrenching them from beneath her. She felt a kick and knew at least the baby was still fighting to be born. She hated this baby growing within her, she had been ill all through her pregnancy and now this child might cause her to lose the one other person in this life who gave her reason to live.


John was seven, he was wise beyond his years and he was a sponge eating up everything he ever heard remembering it in every detail. How she wished she could afford books for him to read and learn more of this world he lived in than she could teach him. But now even if Mark returned with the riches he spoke of what would be the use John would have died frozen to death in the snow as he tried to find help for this creature growing inside her.


Her thoughts were rudely interrupted as another wrenching pain nearly tore her in half, this caused her to vomit. She was helpless she was tied to a bed racked in pain and no one cared. The snow howled outside and she wished she had the will to go lay in the snow and die with John and kill this thing wanting to take over her life.


She began watching the hour glass again jumping in fright as she realised so much sand had run out, John had been gone an hour already and still no sign of returning. She turned it over again and now she could literally feel the sand running through her fingers as the time hurried on. She wanted to smash the hour glass, crush it under her feet but she couldn't she needed it to keep herself sane. How many times had she turned it, now she couldn't remember as she was exhausted but this creature kept ripping and tearing at her making her hate it all the more.


As she was in deep thought watching the hour glass yet again there was another pain but this time it was different and she sat up to look between her legs. The head was there, with one final thrust it was out. It lay there still and she was glad it wasn't crying. If it had cried she would've suffocated it. It was still tied to her and she wanted it gone, so she struggled up scooped it up and began biting off the cord to purge herself of this thing. It was warm and she panicked what on earth was she doing it was a baby. A defenceless baby that needed her, her flesh and blood and just then the door burst open.


It was Flora she had returned with John on her heals. Flora dived for the baby held it up slapped it and it began to wail. Sonja passed out from exhaustion and relief. Make the crying go away she thought then she jumped awake John needed a feed how long had she slept. Flora was pacing up and down with him. Sonja tried to get to him then John appeared next to her she was confused how did he get so big yet he was wailing so terribly.


Flora turned smiled and offered her the bundle, Sonja shrunk away but Flora insisted and so she put out her arms. It was the creature, the creature that was going to tear her in half, kill John and alienate her husband. She didn't want it and she stared into its face. “what are you going to call him mom” asked John. It was a boy, somehow relief flooded her she held him close opening her nightdress to give him what he demanded. John came to sit close and for the first time the world seemed to be at peace.


She asked John if he had a name for the baby and happily he beamed that Joshua would be a great name. She smiled touching his arm she nodded and suddenly she was starving and as if by magic Flora had brought her a bowl of soup. She moped up the last dregs with the bread pieces just as Joshua finished feeding.



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