Morning thoughts

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Just a little view over love

I love her so much... I love her so... I love her... I love... I... Her... Love... What is love ?! Love is painful and pleasurable , all together... Love is when you look in her eyes and see the best version of yourself. Her eyes...what does her eyes say... They are telling a story,but is it a happy or a sad story? Maybe I won't ever know,I say that for a reason ,She seems to be happy when I'm with her ,but her eyes expose and excruciating pain,the pain of not knowing what to do. But I,what do I feel,I know it sounds egoistic,even the overusage of the word "I" can show it. When I think of me,I remember her,such a beautiful and innocent soul ,tormented by this chaotic world.I don't like seeing her suffering,just this thought alone breaks me in thousands of pieces.

People always say they fall in love,think about it, think about the sensation of falling. Not a pleasurable experience. Why don't we just "raise in love" ? Ooh but we do, we really do, we raise our feelings to the ones we love,raising is the first and last step untill we fall,first you raise and fall. But in this circumstances falling for someone means to surrender yourself to that person. Here I am laying in bed, writing my morning thoughts , thinking of her. I would hug her so bad right now, but I can't, she's far away now. Far from my soul, Far from my heart, And still, I can feel her heartbeat dancing with mine.

Submitted: April 27, 2018

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