Bible Man

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The man was there on a sunny day with the old tattered bible in his right hand and saying, ''It's all in here. Come and hear the word of God.''

Submitted: April 27, 2018

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Submitted: April 27, 2018



''Our first question to you, bible man, is, Where is your God?''
''Now you see,'' the bible man said, ''You've hit on something that is far beyond you. First of all, let me tell you that God is not a man. He doesn't live upon the earth like men do.''
?''Explain to us  some more,'' one man  in the group in front of the bible man told him. ''We're supposed to be sinners. So we don't know anything about your God. Explain why we are sinners as well.''
""Let me tell you that there are many solar sytems, and our God is not living on the one we're living on.''
''You mean, your God!'' Someone shouted out.
''Well, okay, my Gog!'' The bible man replied. ''Everyone are are sinners on earth because this was passed down from Adam down through the generations.''
''What sin did Adam commit? Did he rape Eve or what? I've heard that Eve gave him an apple to eat, is that a sin?'' Another man asked.
The bible man said, ''What you don't know is that Adam disobeyed God. God gave him a command even before Eve came into being. He was not to eat of the fruit of the tree that was in the middle of the garden.''
Someone in the group said, ''We as parents, forgive our children when they disobey us. Why did't God give Adam a chance and forgive him?''
''God is the Creator, he sets down his rules, if they are broken, he punish us.'' The bible man said.
''What does it mean that we are born in the image of God?'' Another in the group asked. ''I've read somewhere that it was the gods of the Sumerians who made us out of clay and blood.''
''You can take it  from me that it was my God who made heaven and earth, and all that therein is. There is no other power.'' The bible man told them.

Someone shouted out, ''We are atheists, and we're not going to believe what you tell us. We need solid proof. All this talking doesn't convince us.''
''I know that you lot believe in the big bang and all that. You believe that's the only thing that caused the creation. How wrong you are?''
A woman standing at the front said, '' We believe that life happened by chance. How are you going to explain, a family with 2 sons and 2 daughters and a dog, and the parents die with no one to look after the children/ What do you call that, then? You keep on talking a lot of rubbish about the garden of Eden and this Adam and Eve.''

''They really existed,'' the bible man said, '' the garden of Eden was real.''
''Life was created without a purpose.'' The shouted back. Have you ever read the Sumerian story of how man was created. That's a very interesting story. The gods were tired of the workload, so decided to make a man out of clay, and let him do the work. They killed one of the gods, took his blood and mixed it with clay.''
The bible man said, ''I'm sticking to what the Scriptures say: It was God who created everything. Of course, there are going to be groups around who are against God and what He has done. The one thing I know is, that they cannot be greater than God. 'Not by might' God said, 'but by my Spirit.''

The End.

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