Like A Bamboo Tree

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this poem is about a girl who love unnoticeably by a man.

Submitted: April 27, 2018

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Submitted: April 27, 2018



My love for you is like a bamboo tree,

It wouldn't easily be whisk by the mighty

wind of temptation nor even the strongest

storm of dilemma could easily uproot or

overturn me.

I would go swaying' back and forth every

blows of the wind but never give in.

I maybe toss left and right but never give up

easily as ABC.

Because, like a bamboo tree, I stand sturdy in

every test of time.

Because, like a bamboo tree, I stand firm in

every difficulties we might have face.

But like a bamboo tree, you have never notice

me. You have never see the fineness in me.

Like a bamboo tree, beauty cannot be

determined how it looks like but how it's

stand faithfully under all sort of

circumstances that failed you to see.

Like a bamboo tree, I deserted away from

pulchritude which beauty is mostly external.

The beauty that most of you has been wiled.

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