An Essay on Tanks

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Here is my English Class essay I reuploaded to Booksie.


Tanks are an interesting subject. They have a long and interesting history and many different versions, such as the famous T-34 and M4A1 Sherman.

There have been many different tanks in production at different points in history. The Soviet T-54/T-55 had a whopping 100,00 tanks produced in its lifespan and many of them are still in former Soviet states today (the former USSR). On the other hand, in World War One, The Entente produced 7,00 tanks while the Germans only produced 21! 9 of the Nazi tank Panther was produced by the British Army after World War Two. The most used Allied tank was the American M4A4 Sherman which was a good all-around tank used in many different wars from 1942 to well into the Cold War.  

The history of the tank goes back pretty far. The first tanks were designed by Leonardo Da Vinci during the Renaissance Era. They were first used by the British Empire at The Battle of the Somme (on the western front of World War One) with limited success. The speed of the first tanks was around 3 mph (about 5 kph). The Battle of Villers was the first tank-to-tank combat. The first tank was named “Little Willie”, to make fun of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the glorious leader of the German Empire. The tracks came from tractors because they needed to crush the barbed wire in No Man’s Land(the area between the trenches). The first tank was put in production in Great Britain on September sixth, 1915.

There have also been many different types of tanks. Such as light, medium, heavy, super-heavy, tank destroyers, reconnaissance, and armored cars. Light tanks are mainly used for scouting missions such as finding where the enemy is. Tank destroyers are tanks especially suited to destroy other tanks. Medium tanks are tanks that are not fast like light tanks, but not as heavily armored as heavy tanks. Heavy tanks sacrifice speed for more armor and power. Super heavy tanks are like heavy tanks on steroids. Armored cars are cars that have usually have a machine gun and light armor.  My favorite tank is the Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger. The Nazis thought of two different super heavy tanks. One, the Maus, weighed 188 tonnes. While the other one, the Ratte weighed over 1,000 tonnes! Main Battle Tanks such as the Abrams can weigh upwards to 70 tonnes. The Soviet tank T-55 can protect its crew from nuclear radiation and poisonous gas. The Soviet tank T-34 is a Russian tank used during the Second World War against the Nazis on the Eastern Front. It had a 500 horsepower engine and a 76-millimeter gun. It was easy to manufacture and repair due to its simplistic design. The Tiger I tank was feared by a lot of Allied troops due to its superior technology and ability to destroy a Sherman easily.

Tanks are one of my favorite parts of history, the different types and history are really interesting.


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